Best Roofing Cartoons You May Have Missed

As a roofing software team, we definitely love focusing on productivity, but we also know it’s important to balance that with some fun: in this case, some roofing comics.

So here’s our list of a few favorites to add to your own “best roofing cartoons” list.

1. Roofing Cartoons by Theresa McCracken

We all know a picture can say a thousand words, and sometimes that can be better than venting with a co-worker about all the frustrating details of your last job or customer interaction. It’s nice to just “get it” at a glance in the middle of your busy day.

To begin our list, this cartoon by artist Theresa McCracken is one of many roofing-themed comics at

2. Roofing Cartoons by Artist Mark Parisi

Artist Mark Parisi’s column Off the Mark has featured a bunch of roofing-related cartoons. If you Google his name along with terms like “roof” or “roofing”, you’ll find a bunch, or here’s a link right to where I searched the term on his site:

3. Roofing Cartoons by Terrence “Larry” Parkes

Here’s one from “across the pond” (assuming you are in the United States): Britain’s cartoonist Terence “Larry” Parkes (1927-2003) did a fun series based on the work of the artist Rodin, which included one about a roofing contractor. I found this on a blog called in the series feature other tradespeople supposedly working for the artist Rodin, which is a pretty funny angle, and anyone can get the gist–it’s not just for art lovers!

4. Roofing Cartoons by Drew Litton

Drew Litton is a sports cartoonist for several publications created this awesome comic for roofers, which was obviously inspired by the movie Despicable Me:
Litton has many other comics for contractors of other stripes as well.

5. Roofing Cartoons by Brian Eichler

Finally, artist Brian Narelle runs a lot of contractor-related comics in his Eichler Newsletter, including this fun one for roofers.

Don’t Forget to Share, Attribute, and Buy!

Creating a visual, punchy joke can take a lot of work, even though the result may seem simple and straightforward. So thanks to all those in the roofing community who created these much needed bits of comic relief!

Keep in mind that many comics should be purchased before you share them outright on social channels and such, especially if you’re using them in a business context. Many of these and other comic artists are available for custom work for your business.

And When It’s Time to Get Back to Business . . .

We hope you at least smiled at some of these!

The JobNimbus team would love to help further by troubleshooting anything else that’s not working in your roofing business today.

We’ve created solutions for thousands of roofing companies, and we can help yours.

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