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Good, Better, and Best CRM Software for Contractors

The best CRM software for contractors is the one that maximizes benefits while minimizing frustration. Plain and simple! So why can it feel so complicated to find the best tool for the job?

We can help you sort through this. When it comes to CRM software solutions for contractors, we’ve seen it all!

Understanding Good, Better, and Best CRM Software for Contractors

As with most things in life, not all CRMs are alike. While CRM software for contractors could be categorized several ways, we’ve taken a simple approach to help you understand which direction to move forward in: good, better, and best.

What to Expect From Good CRM Software for Contractors

CRM software has come a long way over the years. You can find quite a few workable options. Most of these solutions offer contact management tools along with one-size-fits-all features to help you connect with your customer base. These are usually designed around an office-hub mentality, where your business office works as a command center that your field workers check in with as they can.

These solutions tend to be CRM-only. They try to be good at one specific thing (CRM) without acknowledging that CRM and PM (project management) are closely related and difficult to separate.

In other words, these solutions aren’t lousy and they’re better than nothing, but they don’t fully solve the problems you have with just a CRM.

What to Expect From Better CRM Software for Contractors

Some CRM software solutions tack on a few additional features, and that can seem like an interesting option compared to “good options”. Unfortunately, these extras usually come with a big price jump that probably won’t help your bottom line. Yes, the software is technically a bit better, but the overall value just isn’t there. While these extra features can feel like a custom solution in a few areas, you’ll still be dealing with a one-size-fits-all product.

These solutions may offer limited PM features. Also, these solutions may offer an app–but not all apps are created equal! Many still enforce the central office mentality of solutions with no mobile app at all. The fact that they don’t offer features like offline syncing, portable forms, valuable third-party integrations, and more, means your field team and office team are still out of step throughout the day.

Contractor companies may get along for a while with this type of solution, but it’s not a solid long-term solution. Eventually, that value gap is going to rub, and then you could have a costly transition on your hands.

What to Expect From the Best CRM Software for Contractors

We’ll focus here a bit more because this is where most contractors want to be. Business is challenging, and you need the best!

JobNimbus is second-to-none in a few key areas that go beyond individual CRM features. Our CRM software is a cohesive system. It spans desktop, mobile, and web because it’s a cloud-integrated solution. We’ve designed it with you in mind, and the sum is greater than each part.

Here’s what to expect from a best-in-industry CRM software for contractors:

  • JobNimbus is much easier to learn and use. You won’t find the learning curve other CRM software for contractors asks of you and your team. One of the reasons why is because it was made by software experts who know how to make a good, engaging user interface. JobNimbus is effective without missing the mark: helping your business run better overall!
  • The JobNimbus mobile app has more features. That makes you and your team more effective in the field. Nothing else you’ll find is more functional or usable.
  • Our pricing is better. One simple, low per-person fee with no contracts.
  • JobNimbus is conveniently built with full-featured project management features, from workflows to reporting.
  • JobNimbus opens communication among your team. Records and documents update in real-time, so everyone’s on the same page.
  • Set expectations. Your team always knows what to do and when.
  • No more problems remembering to follow-up. Your people know when to reach out to leads and customers. They also know what to do next in a workflow, without you babysitting them.
  • You call the shots. Tons of custom features are just a few clicks away.
  • Paperwork and documentation workflow options that work for everyone on your team, as well as your customers.

Decide Today to Work With the Best, and Don’t Look Back!

The good and the better will only take you so far. Your team deserves the best CRM software any contractor can get. And it’s a good idea to start with the best today rather than assuming you’ll upgrade later, especially with benefits like these and a price this low. Check out our free 14-day trial today. We look forward to serving you!

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