5 Ways Mobile Roofing Software Will Save Your Rear End (And Kick Your Competitors’ Butts)

When it comes to managing a roofing business, there’s a lot to think about, and managing all the workers out in the field who are working remotely becomes increasingly hard as you grow. But it doesn’t have to be as impossible as it is. Just like we wouldn’t head to a re-roof without our tools, it’s ludicrous to head into go out in the field without some kind of mobile roofing software to help you manage all of it.

Here are some huge benefits of roofing with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device:

It’ll tell you where you need to go

When you’re out in the field, there’s a few ways we used to know where we needed to go. We could have a list with us on a piece of paper and would have to remember where that paper was, who was who, and why we needed to visit. Or the office could call in a lead for us and we’d have to be ready to write it down and not forget any of the details. With mobile roofing software, all of that cumbersome busy work is replaced by you having everything you need right from in palm of your hand. Your list of leads, existing customers, and completed jobs is always with you within the app, along with the history, activity, attachments, and everything you’d need to know about each job. You’ll get direct notifications to your email or pushed to your mobile device about new assignments for you to go check out and you’ll have the phone numbers, addresses, and more right there for you.

It’ll save your new leads’ contact info so you don’t have to remember it (and risk forgetting it)

Speaking of contact information, you’re able to input any and all of it in the app and keep it with you wherever you go. No more losing names or mismatching phone numbers, or forgetting any piece of the puzzle behind. No more calls to the wrong number, or not being able to call at all because you just have an address and then showing up to find they’re not home (and wasting all that time getting there). Of course you should develop personal relationships with your customers. That’s one way you’ll be able to stand out and get repeat business, but you can’t rely on fragile methods with such delicate information when you have a massive cloud database available to you.

Your estimates will practically make themselves

Mobile roofing software will not only give you the tools to build an estimate, but it’ll also have all of your products and services saved for you to pull from when putting in your line items. Each one you choose will auto-fill the name, description, cost, price, and tax; you just fill in the quantities and finish up. Not only that, but you’ll also have saved estimates to be able to pull from for those commonly estimated jobs. If you’re always doing the same 3 different sets of items, why waste time adding them line by line when you can just import from a saved estimate that fills all the items in for you? Then, just add, remove, and edit as necessary.

 It’ll send your photos to the office for you

In the roofing business, and especially in insurance-based roofing, there are a lot of pictures involved. In the case of insurance roofing, you’ve gotta take pictures of anything and everything that would relate to the claim being filed. And all those photos can’t just stay on your digital camera and wait for you to get back to the office at your earliest convenience. Oh, and if you do take them on a digital camera, you’ve gotta remember the cable to connect it to the office computer, you’ve gotta open the folder, drag and drop, then delete, etc. It’s a mess. With a mobile roofing app like JobNimbus, you just open the app, find the job you’re working on, and then start taking pics with your phone. Take shot after shot, give each a description (or not), and then hit “Upload”. Then you can jump off the roof (not literally, unless it’s a short roof or there’s a trampoline), say your goodbyes, and hop in the van/truck to the next job, all while your photos are being uploaded to the office for you. Back at the office, they’ll be able to see those photos immediately and start filing the claim or moving forward with the next phase. No cables to remember, no photos to delete afterwards; it’s just that easy.

It’ll get your customers’ signatures

Oh, paper. You’ve been good to us, and you really tried to be there when we needed you. But, because you look like every other 8 1/2″ x 11″ white recyclable, you got left behind, lost, or forgotten too many times. So when we get to the door, you’re rarely there for us to get that much needed signature on a contract for the job we’re trying to move forward. No more! With JobNimbus, you don’t even need to have the contract created yet. All you need is the mobile app


There comes a time in every roofing company’s life when it needs to wake up to the enormous, incomparable benefits of mobile roofing software. No one decision will ever be able to provide so many short and long term benefits that will facilitate growth, efficiency, and effectiveness. For your company, that decision could be made today, or you can at least start dabbling with a potential solution so that, come next busy season, you’re not caught off-guard again and up the creek without a paddle (or a shingle).

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