5 Benefits of Using Roof Software

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In today’s highly competitive market, roofers want to do everything they can to give their clients the best service. Roof software is one path to better customer service and faster job times.

With roof software, contractors achieve the best results with their clients. From planning to scheduling, roofing software makes everything better.

Here are some benefits to using a roof software and the features you should look for.

Let’s dig in!

Prepare Estimates with Roof Estimating Software

Many contractors find it difficult and time-consuming to create or present estimates without roof software. Roofing software makes designing and issuing roof estimates a breeze. Input job specifics into a new quote or a roofing estimate template to create a bid in minutes. You’ll be able to get your estimate to your potential customers faster, so you can win more jobs.

Gain Visibility

Fuel your business decisions by seeing where everything is in your company. Roof software gives you transparency into your projects, workflows, and timeline. You always know what is happening and what’s next for your company.

Keep Track of Roof Measurements

When it comes to roofing, measurements make or break the project. Once you have the correct dimensions, you want to keep them somewhere for reference while you work on the job. Roofing software is a fast, secure way to keep track of roofing measurements.

Create & Manage Appointments

With roofing software, contractors can easily plan their schedules. Creating and managing your team’s workload is straightforward.

You can add the client to the software, make appointments, assign the appointment to one of your reps, and see your upcoming jobs. You can also see any missed appointments and who is responsible for them, so you can keep customers moving through your pipeline.

Indispensable Roofing Software Features

There are a lot of roof software options out there. So how do you decide which one is right for you? The features! A roofing software with the wrong features will never be the right fit for your business. Here are some essential features to look for in a roofing software.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking helps you see where your clients are coming from. Whether your customers come through referrals or billboards, a roofing software will keep track of them all. You’ll be able to find the best lead source so that you know where to put your marketing efforts.

Contact Management

Roof software lets you save your clients as contacts in the system. Connect the contact to each of their jobs and keep track of where they are in your workflow. Roofing software makes it a piece of cake to keep your contacts organized.


As a roofing contractor, you perform different tasks like repairing roofs, creating work orders, and sending invoices. Roof software lets you stay in touch with your tasks, so you can see which ones are finished, what’s left, and who needs to get it done.


When you work on a roofing project, you might need to jot down some notes about the job. Instead of using sticky notes that easily get misplaced or lost, write your notes in a roof software. Having a designated place for notes will keep your job information in one place.

Get ahead of the Competition with Roof Software

Roof software helps give your clients the best work and makes your job easier and faster. JobNimbus is the favorite software for roofing contractors with lead tracking, contact management, tasks, notes, and more. Try out roofing software to improve your work management and increase visibility in your business today.

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