4 Ways to Grow Your Roofing Business

To grow your roofing business, that means things must be changing constantly. Every time a new opportunity presents itself, challenges come along with it. That’s why it’s so important to have a business solution for your office. We at JobNimbus and our partner TAMKO Building Products have worked with thousands of roofing contractors and home improvement professionals from all over the nation. We understand contractors’ business needs and what solutions they have to have in order to drive growth.

There are four major ways your company can drive growth: be organized, efficient, professional, and profitable. With our back-office system, JobNimbus will provide you with the right solutions and opportunities to become these things and expand your business.

1. Be Organized

If your business struggles with organization, JobNimbus can help. Organization is the best way to set yourself up for success. It allows employees to stay focused and bring forth the most important information to allow business owners to change their business if they need to and ensure growth.

The best way to organize information is to put it into a back-office software like JobNimbus that is designed and set up to pick out custom fields (or identifiers) so that you can glean from that important info.

Better organization also helps you define a process for your business. A clear process helps you set priorities and keep leads warm. It also keeps customers happy, and happy customers drive success to your business.

2. Be Efficient

Roofing means much more than just physical labor. It calls for workers to maximize their productivity and save time. This includes taking pictures, talking to your customers, providing estimates, getting crews out on the job with work orders, scheduling jobs and appointments, tracking communication, plus more, and doing it all seamlessly.

JobNimbus offers business solutions for all these important tasks to help you do it all conveniently, quickly, and easily, no matter what the job is. A good back-office system will facilitate everything so that you can put your effort into more jobs and scale your business.

3. Be Professional

Nothing looks less professional than an office that’s behind the times and has stacks of important documents and sticky notes scattered all over the room. A back-office system like JobNimbus can help your company go paperless and look more professional.

Going paperless can be a major boost to your business productivity. It helps your team be more efficient and less stressed compared to the traditional method of organizing. You can also take your software with you on your mobile device and grow your customer base at any time, any place.

4. Be Profitable

The main indicator of growth is an increase in profits. JobNimbus has proven to increase companies’ average revenue by 43% within the first year. Not only does it help you perform your job more efficiently and professionally, but we give you the tools you need to accurately estimate a job and make a profit off it.

By understanding your costs all in one place, you can add your markup and calculate your profit immediately. That means more money in your pocket, which gives you more resources and opportunities to grow your business.

Through being organized, efficient, professional, and profitable, your business is guaranteed to drive growth. A business solution makes it easier to do it faster and better while managing the roadblocks along the way. JobNimbus and TAMKO both want to provide roofing contractors with the highest quality resources to scale their business. So if your goal is to drive success, let us help you evolve your business and we can get there together.

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