3 Ways To Choose And Future-Proof Construction CRM Software

When it comes to construction CRM software, the right tool for the job makes all the difference. In fact, choosing the right solution could improve your business more than you realize–today and in the future.

The construction industry is competitive, and you already know that developing your prospects into happy clients and making sure they remain happy with your service takes a lot of work. Adding more work to that by adding a software tool may not appeal to you at first. But actually, the right construction CRM software can save you work, as well as time and money!

3 Ways Construction CRM Software Can Help

Construction CRM software will help businesses at all stages of development in many ways, as follows:

1. Business Development

Increasingly, contractors leverage CRM software to better retain the prospects and customers they have worked so hard to attract. Why? It makes it easier to be consistent! Here are a few ways construction CRM software can support the new and existing business your sales team is developing:

  • By taking care of information customers give, and, businesses win customers’ trust.
  • By defining, tracking, and even automating your sales process, your team gains power. You’ll spend less time talking about work to be done and more time actually doing it!
  • By effectively tracking where customers are in your sales and project pipelines, your business flows like a well-oiled machine, and your customers are more front-of-mind.
  • By evaluating data created by customer activity, your business can create winning solutions that help the most customers, not just those few “squeaky wheels”.
  • By using a full-featured tool that replaces scads of spreadsheets or other documents, businesses eliminate confusion. Think how your team might communicate better if everyone was working with the same system and process.

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2. Communication

Customers want updates, follow-up, information, and peace of mind. All of that comes down to how well you handle email, phone calls, paperwork, and other customer-focused workflows.

While being personable and genuine is key, you will need a tool working in the background to support your communication. That’s where automation comes in. It doesn’t mean you aren’t giving customers personal attention. It just means you have technology that keeps the ball rolling, letting you know what to do next. You’ll end up having more time for customers, not less.

Also, it’s essential to communicate with your team. Leads, notes, to-do’s, documents, and much more should be available to everyone involved. Otherwise, too many details get lost in the shuffle of your busy work days.

In other words, communication really can be helped by systemization. That’s why construction CRM software is such an important upgrade for your customer-focused business.

3. Perspective

Additionally, decision-making tools apply to customer relationships, not just jobs to be completed. Yes, each task you do contributes to your customer relationship, but there’s a bigger picture at work. Having the right perspective comes down to how you capture and report data. This is true both at the customer level as well as understanding your customer base as a whole. If you haven’t already, you could ask yourself:

  • Based on this customer’s history of interactions with your company, how can you improve so you don’t lose that customer?
  • What can you offer a particular customer to keep them coming back?
  • Why have some customers left you, and how you can you divert more from falling through those cracks?

JobNimbus has a great feature called Boards, which can help you visualize where your customer care process might be breaking down. Boards feature several vertical columns showing where a customer or job is within your pipeline.

Reporting can help you see how external forces affect your customer base. You may be working off assumptions that aren’t supported by the data. For example:

  • Which months slow down for my customers? Is this industry-wide or something you can improve internally?
  • Where are my customers coming from geographically?
  • How are my sales figures doing, and how can I compare them with other business dynamics, like new initiatives we’ve offered, etc?

A full-featured construction CRM software tool can help you make decisions based on data. With JobNimbus’ reporting tools, you can customize company data to the level of detail that makes sense for your specific question. You can also generate customized reports based on your preferences. Customize your dashboard to generate these reports to show as soon as you log in if you’d like.

Construction CRM Software: Same Solution, New Purpose

In conclusion, these are just a few of many ways JobNimbus can help your construction business find solutions and thrive.

Every construction business has different problems to solve, but most of those problems come down to staying competitive. For many years, thought leaders have applied construction software toward solving problems. We’ve seen an evolution in the types of problems that software seeks to solve. It’s no longer only a matter of how software will help you manage a project. Instead, it’s now also about how software will help you manage the sales process and customer experience.

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We’d love to show you what we mean. We hope you’ll take our construction CRM software for a spin using our free 14-day trial. Please contact us with any questions you may have about how JobNimbus gives you the best of a project and customer management in one construction CRM software solution.

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