Top 3 Benefits of Our New Mobile App

Our mobile app is getting better and better! Keep your team connected to provide an exceptional customer experience from anywhere.

The new mobile app is designed to:

1. Simplify team communication

Provide your entire team with real-time access to all their necessary information, like project details, documents, and schedules. With everything at your fingertips, you can save time and stress by quickly communicating information out to others in the business.

2. Improve your customer’s experience

Any team member will have easy access to all job information and be able to provide thorough details from anywhere. You can exceed your customer’s expectations and build trust by using the mobile app to create personalized communication, project updates, and well-managed project timelines.

3. Manage your business on-the-go

Keep all your vital business information on hand. Save time and effort with the app’s photo features, and free up your crew’s time by easily managing all communications and information.

Mobile app for iOS and Android

The new JobNimbus mobile app is now available for both Android and iOS devices!

With a few differences between the Android and iOS, both apps have the same integral features to streamline your team’s communication and make your business more efficient.

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