JobNimbus notifications shown in the mobile app

How to Elevate Your Team’s Collaboration Using Notifications

Elevate how you collaborate with your team using our new notifications feature on the JobNimbus mobile app for iOS devices. With notification and @mentions, your team can now:

1. Become more efficient with team communication

Use @mentions to assign tasks, contacts, jobs, work orders, and more. Your team can communicate with each other in a non-intrusive way by sending timely messages and relevant information like reminders to check in with a customer.

2. Stay on track and focused

Push notifications remind you of important tasks. You can reference new and old notifications using your notifications history, and you can update notification preferences in Settings so you’re only notified based on your needs.

3. Enjoy a seamless user experience

Deep links in notifications take you right where you need to be in JobNimbus with just a click on a notification.

Notifications were designed to give you notice of the things you deem most important and provide easy access to past notifications that you can always reference. Keep an eye out for future updates and additions to our new mobile app!

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