JobNimbus Brings Enhanced Feature Functionality to Contractors

JobNimbus is bringing more organization and better communication to contracting businesses across the country. Using the improved features, customers will see increased mobility for faster bids, scheduling, and payments.

“Companies get in the habit of creating new features all the time, and while we are creating features, we’re the rare company that is going back and improving existing features, making them even better than they are today,” said JobNimbus CEO Ben Hodson.  “I think our customers will be really excited to see that we listen to their feedback and have made the features they use everyday even better.”

JobNimbus has already proven that its roofing and home exterior software makes businesses more organized, efficient, professional, and profitable. Contractors will now be able to:

  • Share photos across your business with the new JobNimbus Mobile App: Capture and annotate job photos to share with homeowners, insurance companies, and your crew– all without leaving the JobNimbus mobile app.
  • Enhance your efficiency with JobNimbus forms: Customize your forms for site inspections, checklists, photos, and more in the east-to-use JN forms tool.
  • Get paid faster with electronic payments: Provide your customers with the convenience, flexibility, and security of digital payments options. Collecting customer payments has never been easier!
  • Save valuable time with Good, Better, Best Estimates: Streamline the estimating process by providing your customers with improved options, such as good, better, best estimates and multi-trade estimates.


About JobNimbus:

JobNimbus is a Lehi, Utah-based software company that serves contractors and business owners in the home services construction industry with its project management, CRM platform, and growth services. Since being founded in 2013, JobNimbus has expanded its offerings across 11 home service industries, specializing in roofing, solar install, and exterior renovations. For more information about JobNimbus, visit

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