October 2021 Product Updates

New Mobile App for iOS

If you’re a field or sales representative, the JobNimbus Mobile App is made for you.

The new application is designed to be a partner in your pocket, pushing your business forward and helping it grow.

You can use the new sales app to:

  • Increase efficiency by quickly seeing which jobs to complete next to grow your business
  • Boost profitability by filtering job results based upon where a user lives and profitability of the deal
  • Stay organized with the ability to annotate photos with shapes, text, and more
  • Be more professional with a clean home page, displaying upcoming appointments, tasks, leads, and estimates

The JobNimbus Mobile App is a completely separate app from the existing app but works in parallel with the current app. It is available now for iOS users (minimum supported version is iOS 15), and the Android app will follow shortly after. You can download the app at the Apple App Store.

Keep an eye out for other new features to come to the new mobile app by the end of the year, including creating and managing material/work orders and documents, creating estimates, mobile finger signing, collecting payment via Global Payments Integrated, supporting email replies in app, and supporting caller ID.

roofing softwareroofing software

Signed Document Automation

Increase your efficiency with a new automation for fully signed documents.

Admins now have the ability to create an event-based automation after a document has been signed by all required signers.

Card on File

Collecting deposits and split payments is easier than ever! Using our integration with Global Payments, homeowners now have the option to store credit card details for future use.

When making a subsequent payment, the homeowner is presented with the option of using that same card, or they can choose to make the payment with another card or eCheck.

Homeowners have the convenience of storing multiple cards, and can remove any with just the click of a button.

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