Using Technology to Amplify Your Business

Working in 2021 and beyond is going to bring special challenges for construction teams of all types. One of the ways to arm yourself to face increased difficulty is by using the right construction management technology. Below are a few ways you can use residential construction management software or other JobNimbus tools to benefit your projects

Win More Projects

Your ability to win projects comes down to a few specifics, including:

  • The ability to bid quickly and accurately
  • The ability to account for a wide variety of data in your bidding process
  • Customer experience processes that bring previous clients back to you or increase referral rates
  • Lead generation tools that let you capture and nurture leads well before the bidding process fully begins

The right construction management technology lets you achieve these goals with automated communication tools, data analysis, and calendar features. That way, you keep track of wherever you are in the process.

Create Efficiencies

JobNimbus saves your team time — as much as 8 hours per person per week. It doesn’t do so by getting rid of work; rather, you save that time because the technology helps you get the work done in a more productive way via automation, better communication, and stronger planning.

Some benefits of creating these efficiencies can include:

  • Saving money on labor costs
  • Increasing your ability to handle multiple projects at the same time
  • Making it possible to bid numerous projects to ensure more active workstreams
  • Freeing staff from tedious and time-consuming processes so they can work more proactively on creative problem solving when challenges arise

Find Cost Savings and Revenue Opportunities

With technology comes improved efficiency, communication, and production, which is usually accompanied by savings. That’s true whether you’re finding supplies at a reduced cost or saving time on workflows. When you can spend more time on lead generation and customer experience, you’re more likely to see increased revenues.

In fact, JobNimbus users see an average annual revenue growth of 43%. Our users are able to land more jobs and complete jobs faster with fewer wasted resources and less rework.

How Technology Has Changed the Industry

Today’s construction industry is very different from the industry of even just a few years ago. Technology and automation have pushed the pace of projects. Clients are no longer willing to wait around for construction companies and contractors to do their thing.

Even in uncertain times, investors and others want to work with construction management companies and teams that are agile. You must be able to think, work, and react quickly. In order to do so, it’s crucial that you have the resources and technology that allow you to pivot quickly. 

In 2021, success in construction management isn’t just about keeping everyone safe and ensuring you have a Plan B if your supply chains fail. Instead, it’s about using tools such as JobNimbus to bring greater efficiency and value to your company and your clients. 

If you’re ready to face 2021 and beyond with better resources and planning capability, contact us today. We offer a free trial and can help explain more about how JobNimbus can make your life as a construction project manager or contractor much easier. 

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