For this final episode of our Contractor’s Survival Guide series, our Director of Customer Success Ronnie Smith shared useful strategies for technology and how to use JobNimbus features to work successfully from home. He goes into depth about mobile features, reporting, forecasting, automation and more to keep you tooled for social distancing.

Mobile App

One of our favorite things about the mobile app is the @ Mention feature. This feature allows you to communicate with your team within a thread inside the app. It also will let you date and time stamp your conversation internally. 

Caller ID is another mobile functionality. This will display when a customer is calling you. It is essential not to miss calls when you don’t know who is calling you. It will also log the length of the call, and you can document the conversation of the call after it’s over. 

There is also a texting and email feature within the mobile app.  Texting the customer from within the mobile app will allow it to be dated and time-stamped. Creating email templates will make it easy for the sales team to use on the mobile app. 

Lastly, you can collect payments on the mobile app. The payments feature also works on the desktop and makes it easier to take credit cards or even electronic checks.


Right now, visibility is key. JobNimbus has sales reporting available that will help you view your sales pipeline. Running sales reports will allow you to conduct a sales meeting with your team. You can also use sales reports to see which of your salesmen are underperforming. Reports will also let you review customer leads and confirm that sales reps are working with the right customers. Use these tools to help train your staff and help your sales team win.

JobNimbus will also provide A/R reports for your business. These reports will help you know the health of your cash flow and allow you to try to collect the money that is due to you. It will also show you who is struggling to pay so you can make business decisions around your cash flow. It’s important to confirm all materials have been sent back to the supplier for credit, so it will lower what you owe the supplier to free up your cash flow.

Our revenue/budget report will let you precap jobs to see where your profit margins land to get the sale, even before you do the job. This tool is helpful to know your cost and commission before selling the job.


JobNimbus forecasting reports let you create estimates to forecast potential business and create invoices to forecast actual business sold (cash flow). 


Automations are one of the most important tools we have but need to be used correctly. There are two different types of ways you can use automation. There are event-based and time-based automation. Event-based automations allow you to send an email or create a task when a customer moves to a certain status. With automations, it will help you follow-up with a customer without doing a ton of heavy lifting.

Time-based automations allow a customer to sit in a certain status for a number of days, then it can release either an email or a task to alert you. Many people use time-based automations in their follow-up process. With time-based automations, as soon as you move a job and it’s been sitting for three days, time-based automations will send out an email or task to make following up with your customers easier.

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