For the fifth part of our Contractor’s Survival Guide, we covered production. Guest hosts Jeannie from Beacon and Brie from Elite Roofing advised how to be more virtual in your production and continue to grow as a company. In this webinar, you will learn the importance of health and safety, the benefits of supplier integrations, and streamlining a paperless process. 

Social Distancing

Unfortunately, many contractors can’t do their job from home. But you can still practice social distancing in order to fix a roof or part of a home. Remember, as a company you should have something in place to tell your subcontractors and crews. Line out your specific protocol for how to represent the company while working out in the field.

Respect the homeowner and give them their space while still doing your job. Stand 6 feet away from their door or, better yet, communicate by phone. If you absolutely have to do paperwork in person, make sure you are wearing gloves.

Before sending a crew out to do a job, check with the homeowner to check if they are feeling ok to make sure no cases will potentially spread. Also, ask your crew how they feel and set a policy as a company if they are experiencing symptoms to stay home. 

The NRCA and Construction Industry Safety Coalition put out this list of resources suggesting how construction crews can continue working while still following CDC guidelines. In summary, this is how you can practice onsite safety with your crew: 

    • Wear gloves all the time
    • Use sanitizer or wipes
    • Have water bottles for individuals
    • Only select people in the trailer
    • Refrain from riding together
    • If possible, use the same tool and keep to yourself every day
    • Stagger breaks and lunches
    • Clean shared places and items

Benefits of Beacon Integration

Technology can help better serve your customers and help contractors grow their business. The Beacon Pro+ platform can help you run your business from home and at any time by doing the following:

  • Get live pricing for materials that are available in your market
  • Submit a material order in a click of a button
  • Save time because you don’t have to do double entry

For any customers that are using JobNimbus, this information pulls right into JobNimbus software and lets you place orders 24 hours a day directly through the Beacon ordering system.

A Paperless Process

Like Beacon, Elite Roofing has leveraged technology to the point where it has been able to become a paperless company. In regards to technology, Elite Roofing has used automations to enhance its customer experience. It’s crucial to have automations in place for anything you are asked to do three times or more. For example, an automated welcome email. You can tie it into your COVID-19 plan to ensure clients that you are being cautious.

Don’t over notify! Also, know where your notifications go out. For those with JobNimbus, Elite Roofing uses an asterisk for all of its automation statuses. 

One of the big benefits of going paperless is work orders. All work orders can follow their own workflow. You can assign them to subs and technicians and set it up via their Contact Type Options in settings. You can also send it with a click or as an email with added documents. If you are not doing this already, get a digital time tracking sheet so you don’t have to keep track of hours manually.

You want to be able to streamline your job submissions by using Custom Fields in JobNimbus to keep track of important job information. Have a CRM that allows you the freedom to be paperless.

In regards to tracking, use JobNimbus Calendar to track your jobs. This will allow you to replace physical boards while offices are closed. You can also keep track of your latest notes right from your fingertips, and use JobNimbus Tasks to sync important events into your Google Calendar. 


To learn more about how to follow through with production during a pandemic, you can view our full webinar here. Stick around for April 14th for the next webinar of the Contractor’s Survival Guide series on managing your money. 

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