In an uncertain market, it’s common wisdom to say you should hunker down, accept that you’re not going to grow, and maybe even lay some people off because business is going to be a giant struggle. But no, we totally reject that way of thinking. You can win in this market, in fact, JobNimbus can help you turn this market of uncertainty from a negative to a positive. Look at this pandemic as an opportunity to get ahead in your business. Our goal is to help give you the tips and tools that will help you win even during these tough times. Here’s how:

1) Get Your House in Order



  • Have a weekly “coffee” with a department. No need for an agenda, just focus on building trust & loyalty and give your team confidence.
  • Hold a weekly company all-hands meeting. Uncertainty in the market causes employees to stress and become anxious about their jobs. This causes them to be unfocused and unproductive. Use this meeting to tell the truth about your business, get into details, and calm your team down so they can refocus. Make sure to always have a Q&A at the end of the meeting to answer everyone’s concerns and reassure them.
  • “Hug” your customers. Your customers will be going through a lot during an uncertain market. Reassure your existing customers, show empathy, and look beyond your commercial relationship.
  • Over-deliver. Ask yourself, “How can I add more value?” “How can I be more available to my customers?” Note: be careful about price discounts. Give away what you can and go above-and-beyond.
  • Increase your marketplace exposure. While everyone else in the market panics and retreats, you should advance and conquer. Do more promotions, spend more on advertising, or at least keep your spin where it’s at right now rather than decreasing.


2) Tips and Tricks to Work from Home



  1. Have a dedicated workspace
  2. Use a good microphone for video
  3. Have dedicated breaks and a set of
    regular working hours
  4. Socialize with colleagues via phone or
  5. Communicate more so that ideas are
  6. Decide boundaries at home for your
  7. Do your personal errands before or
    after work
  8. Replicate your office layout at home
  9. Take time to get dressed and do normal
    self-care routine
  10. Plan out a structured daily schedule of


3) Communication is Key


  • Find a way to talk to your customers face-to-face. You can use tools like Zoom or GoToMeeting to still meet with your customers through technology.
  • Find a way to talk to your employees. Take this time to let your employees know you have their back, set your goals together and plan what you’re going to do to get out of this hard situation. Tools like Slack allow you to video chat, instant message, call, share screens and more to get projects done.


4) CRM Software


A CRM is the next most important thing for your business after your nail gun or ladder. It’s a customer relationship management software for you to control and is a central location for:

  • Your leads
  • Customers
  • Production
  • Job tracking
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Plus more

It gives you remote office abilities and gives you a birds-eye view where you can see exactly where everything is in its stage.


5) Getting Set Up


  • Write, edit, and share documents. JobNimbus has several integrations including with Google Docs so you can easily create, access and distribute documents with your team. JobNimbus also gives you the ability to create templates for invoices and estimates and easily send material orders for fast processing.
  • Organize structured meetings. JobNimbus has a mobile app that lets you easily schedule appointments, assign and complete tasks, create meetings with your team and distributors, and more. 
  • Forward your calls from the office to mobile. Make sure your office number is forwarding business calls to someone on your team before you leave to go home. This will keep you up-to-date with the needs of your clients.

If you’re interested in listening to the full webinar on this subject, you can watch here.  Be sure to keep an eye out for more upcoming webinars for the Contractor’s Survival Guide series from March 26 – April 16, 2020. 

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