It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but for roofers, it’s also the slowest time of the year. Because of that, we made a list (and no, it’s not on who’s naughty or nice) to spread you some Christmas cheer. Here’s our 10 favorite Christmas roofing memes. We hope you enjoy and have a very merry Christmas!

10) Thanks, Santa

9) That’s one way to get snow off the roof

 8) This house wins Christmas

7) Grumpy Cat or Grinchy Cat?

6) You might need to get that checked out

5) Me the day after Thanksgiving

4) When you’re a little too heavy to make reindeer tryouts

3) Snoopy’s the expert


1) When you ask a roofer to set up the Christmas tree

What was your favorite Christmas roofing meme? Be sure to check our list twice and let us know in the comments below!

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