Tales from the Customer is an ongoing Halloween series we’ve had since 2013, discussing the virtues of good customer relationship management. This post compiles all of those stories into one. For full details of the stories, click the title of the tale, or check out our blog for more related and helpful posts.


The Wolfman


The Wolfman is famous for his one weakness: the silver bullet. It’s the one thing you can use to kill him. So, the question then becomes: What’s your silver bullet for achieving success in customer relationships? Silver bullet techniques can and will vary between customers. In order to find out what your silver bullet is, you have to test all kinds of sequences, phrases, offers, and techniques. You can use your CRM to help you track which strategies work the best.


Haunted House


A haunted house, in its most basic sense, is a classic bait-and-switch. A beautiful new home just inviting new residents to take hold only to dash their dreams to pieces when they discover the terrors that await inside. When it comes to your business, you don’t want your leads to just “move-in” as customers only to run away screaming. If you really want to acquire and keep your customers, your goal must be total transparency. Keep everything clear, concise, to-the-point, educative, helpful, and labeled.


The Invisible Man


In H.G. Wells’ harrowing tale of The Invisible Man, the curse of invisibility on Griffin (the alias of the Invisible Man) brings out the worst in him, dashing his hopes for fame and success. In projects, like with customers and leads, being invisible can be a horror story for your company. Always follow up with your customers and stay on top of tasks that are important for the continuing success of your company. By doing so, you will have greater success and efficiency in your customer relationships and in your jobs.


Dr. Frankenstein


In the classic story of Dr. Frankenstein, the ‘mad’ scientist develops and executes an experiment to reanimate a dead corpse in his quest to discover immortality. We can follow Dr. Frankenstein’s example and perform some experiments to revive some of those old leads and customers for repeat sales. Experiments include doing routine checkups, sending customers greetings, or offering a discount to your repeat customers. Try whichever technique works best for you to bring your customers and leads back from the dead.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


In the classic horror tale of 1886, Dr. Henry Jekyll is a kind, good man in a constant battle between his other evil personality: Dr. Hyde. With current customer relationships as bad as they are, there is a huge opportunity to stand out from the crowd by being the Jekyll to everyone else’s Hyde. Simply care about your customers’ success before your own, be accommodating and friendly, and transparent and honest. In every interaction you have, always fight the urge to let out the Hyde. Your customers will thank you, recommend you, and come back for more.


The Exorcist


The Exorcist showcases a girl possessed by a demon and a priest whose job it is to cast the demon out of the poor girl’s body. In the business world, “demons” could mean a whole bunch of things: Disorganized practices, confusing processes, extra busywork, and much more. It’s time to exorcise all of these demons out of your business so you can move on and start getting more work done. CRM and mobile tools can help optimize and maximize your process to get all those demons out of your business.   


Black Cats in Sales


It is commonly believed that if a black cat crosses your path, you will have been marked with bad luck. Even though they can bring bad luck, black cats also have a hidden, super-feline ability of 9 lives; 9 tries to get it right. And really, a lot of sales is in the follow-up. Following up with your leads and potential customers lets you remind them about your product and assist them towards the sale. Each time you come back to follow up, you should try to be the help that your customer needs to succeed.



From the movie Hocus Pocus, the three witch sisters sing a seductive song that puts children into a trance, allowing the witches to feed on their souls and become immortal. Now, while you shouldn’t be dooming your customers, you should be doing your best to “seduce,” or attract, them to your offerings and provide them the best possible reasons for why your product or service is best for them. Being a good salesman is no secret.  It’s just a masterful application of using CRM to improve success and building relationships to provide more value to customers.


Count Dracula


Count Dracula is a famous vampire known for many things, but some of them include his ability to be quick on his feet, transform into a bat at a moment’s notice, and convert those around him into fellow vampires. With CRM software, you can take on these same abilities, just in different ways. CRM lets you be agile, and try new methods of gaining and winning leads, and test for success. It will also give you the power of transformation by letting you take your data with you wherever you are. You can also convert leads into sales by using CRM software. Your CRM software is only as good as the time and data you put into it. Make the most out of your investment by using it consistently and as much as you can.

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