We had a great time at the International Roofing Expo. Getting to chat with some of our customers, working with new sign-ups, and interacting with our partners was incredibly valuable to us. 

Here are the highlights:

  • We announced that the JobNimbus Solution Summit 2019 will be in Orlando, FL from October 3-4 (more details coming)
  • Roofers: Start sending your orders directly to Beacon here
  • We got to sit with JobNimbus all-stars Kanga Roofing to find out how they grew so fast

We Want to Hear From You

One of our favorite parts of IRE was getting feedback on what JobNimbus has helped with and what we can do better. We want to give everyone the chance to let us know what struggles you’re having in your business so we know what we can do to empower your team to have even great success.

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