You’ve found JobNimbus, now it’s time to share the love. But how are you supposed to share it? We’ll go over some ways that you can get some Amazon gift cards. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to push your referral link.

Share on Social

Sharing the link on social is a great way to get your followers to check out your referral link. Make sure that when you do share it, you add your own thoughts, not just share the link. Make sure to mention a couple features that you love about the program. People aren’t going to want to try out your referral unless they know why you like it.

You can share it on any social channel that you use. If it’s Facebook it can be a post on your business or personal page or a post you share with a group. If it’s Instagram you can put the link in your bio. If it’s Pinterest you can create a pin and make the link your referral.


Blog Post

There are a couple ways you can go about this. If you have a blog this is a great way to include your referral link while being educational and creating great content for your audience. You can link to a referral when talking about a specific task or problem that the program helps you address, or you can do a blog post review of the program in general. Both allow you to keep your audience happy, provide a resource that is helpful to you, and get people to try out the program through your referral.


If you use forum this is another way you can push your referral link. You can use it when you’re commenting about the program or about different issues it has addressed so people can try it out or you can add it to your forum signature. If you tend to comment a lot this is a great way to push your link without being pushy.

Have Your Link Ready

I can’t tell you how many in-person conversations I’ve had about the programs I use and the products I own. For the ones that come up the most, I actually have my referral links saved on my phone so I can message them to someone as we’re talking about it. It makes it easy for me, they appreciate it because they’re the ones who asked to know more, and they almost always use the referral I sent because we had a conversation about it first.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t always have to be an in-person conversation. You can be talking to someone in a group or on Facebook messenger and always follow-up with the link. For example, if you had mentioned that you used the program and a friend expressed interest, you can send them the link and reference the comment or conversation.

What other methods have worked for you? Share your ideas in the comments! Now go get those gift cards.


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