Meet Jay Nelson of RCV Roofing in Indiana, a contractor who has led his roofing team to ongoing success.

We’ve loved having Jay as one of our customers, and we’ve learned from watching his success. That’s why I wanted to reach out and include him in our How to Make More Money in Your Roofing Business series.

A Few Upgrades and Milestones Could Boost Your Bottom Line

It can be tricky to figure out which upgrades make sense for your roofing business, and which ones don’t. While every business owner has to make these decisions for their specific situation, it helps to have leaders like Jay sharing their expertise.

In this interview, Jay also talks about the power of milestones to motivate and guide your team. Important stuff!

Interview with Jay Nelson of RCV Roofing


Emily: What mindset, idea, concept, or attitude keeps you going through the tough times, and increasing profitability rather than stagnating?
Jay: The drive to be the best you can be, the hard work and determination to have a better future, the ideas to change an industry that is generally “behind the times”.
Emily: What do you consider your core processes, the ones your roofing business would not succeed without?
Jay: Good communication, system and processes created to make sure things do not slip through the cracks.

Incidentally, that simple statement says volumes when you consider the size of Jay’s team, as pictured below. We know many roofers reading this run similar team sizes, or larger, so you know what an art form communication needs to be!

Emily: What have been your best tools for growing and scaling your business?
Jay: CRM and marketing designed to take the tasks that generally take longer and make them as short as possible.
Emily: When it comes to making more money in a roofing business, what unique opportunities do you see in the market today? Is it different from when you were starting out and building toward those first major milestones?
Jay:  It is much different, we were not focused on those before. Now that we’ve matured, we can focus on things to streamline and make more money.

For example, we’ve focused on things like shingle upgrades, warranty upgrades, and other add-ons that are simple and take little to no time.

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Sales is a perfect example. Thank goodness we have so many sales leads, but they can get overwhelming. Simplify and go digital. My entire team is on their mobile devices, capturing pictures and using the cloud to expedite and get rid of the paperwork as opposed to handwritten records.


Also, incentive programs! Every person on a given crew, not just the foremen, should be incentivized. Everyone should share in the excitement so they can reach and grow. We run employee incentives that are based on budget and performance. If there’s a bonus, everyone on that crew will be rewarded.


It’s rare in our industry, but it has revolutionized our workforce.

Once again check out Jay Nelson’s blog and website for other resources. You can see why we love having him in the JobNimbus family!


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