Between its unmatched features and its simple pricing, we believe JobNimbus is the best value you can get to supercharge your team and grow your business.

But that’s not stopping us from adding more value and giving you more of what you love. Here’s what’s new in the latest update to the JobNimbus web app:

More Info When You Need It

Custom Fields: We’ve increased the custom field limit from 10 to 100! Now you can have 10x the number of custom fields for each type, including text, drop down, checkboxes, and more.
Products & Services: We’ve added Search to the top of the Products & Services tab in settings, making it easier than ever to find specific products on your ever-growing lists. We’ve also put the product details right on the grid so you can see each product’s information without needing to click.

More Money in More Places

Budgets: In business, cash flow is key. That’s why we’ve made budgets more prominent by now allowing you to show Gross Profit, Gross Margin, and Revenue right on your Contacts or Jobs. This gives you faster access to some of the most important metrics for your company.

More Control at Your Fingertips

Work Order Scheduling: You can now turn on this optional feature in Settings to schedule your Work Orders.
Subcontractors on Reports: We’ve made subcontractors groupable and sortable in Reports so it’s easier for you to manage long lists of subs.
Subcontractor Notifications: You now have control over subcontractor notifications that are automatically sent when assigning a sub to a scheduled item. Now you can send them when you’re ready.
Board & Report Permissions: You’ve gone through all the work of creating your boards and reports, now you can more easily set who gets to see and use them, protecting more of your handiwork.
Updates to API: We’ve made fixes and improvements to our API which will open the doors to even more exciting integrations to come. Stay tuned!
Enhanced CompanyCam Integration: We’ve given our integration with CompanyCam a nice performance boost by completely rewriting it for power and speed. Now your photos and contacts from JobNimbus will show up immediately in CompanyCam, and vice versa. If you haven’t checked out CompanyCam yet, you can learn more here.

And, if you think these updates are great, wait until you see what our dev team has been working on. You’re gonna love what you see.


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