It’s something every contractor business owner wonders about: how to succeed long-term. The good news is, while every organization is unique, you can take advantage of tools like technology for contractors, as well as guiding principles to make sure you’re leveraging that technology toward going the distance.

As a CRM and project management software team, we’re continually looking for practical ways to help contractors reach their goals.

This month, JobNimbus Sales Manager Jake Dempsey shares these ideas in an address titled: “How Technology Keeps You Accountable and Scalable”. This presentation is part of an “un-conference” called Rise: The Conference for Contractors. Jake is among 20 industry leaders delivering addresses that can help take your roofing or contracting business to the next level.

Here are a few additional details, as well as highlights from Jake’s talk.

All About RISE: (the Un-conference!)

The RISE event is different than others you may have attended. In fact, organizers call it an “un-conference”, because you won’t see the same format as other industry shows. Instead of featuring a convention floor with booths, the focus is on networking, meeting, teaching, and collaborating.

RISE focuses on elevating your business by improving the Contractor’s 10 Core Elements – Culture, Leadership, Recruiting, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supplementing, Technology, Compliance, and Finance. Rise is hosted by Contractor Coach Pro, an online and in-person training company, and Catalyst, a networking group of industry professionals. The event is sponsored by Owens Corning and Beacon.

This year, Rise takes place in Oak Brook, IL March 21-22, 2018. Here are a few additional details from the conference’s site to give you a feel for programming and what attendees can expect to get out of it:

“For two days, 20+ industry experts who will be sharing specific action plans to improve attendees’ businesses including Jim Johnson, our keynote speaker. To maximize learning, this conference is divided into four specialist paths: Marketing, Leadership, Compliance, and Operations. Attending contractors can choose to attend all or some of the workshops based on what will generate the most impact for their business. There will also be breakout sessions with speakers that will include one of each of the four disciplines. Bring your whole team and allow each department to follow their own path to success.”

Attend RISE at a Discount!

We know how difficult it can be to get away from your busy day-to-day, but we love helping our customers and other industry professionals connect with wonderful opportunities like this one. So, we’ve teamed up with the conference to offer a discount!

When you register, use our discount code for $50 off: CCPNIMBUS.

Also, be sure to call to book your hotel room, and tell them you’ll be attending the RISE Conference to get your special discount rate of $129/night for a single or double room. Contact: The Drake Hotel, Oakbrook: (630) 571-0000.

We hope to see you there!

Main Points From Jake Dempsey’s Address on Technology for Contractors

Jake Dempsey - JobNimbusFor those of you who can attend the event, we’d love to connect with you, so here’s where to find us. Jake Dempsey of JobNimbus will speak on “How Technology Keeps You Accountable and Scalable” at 11 a.m. on Day 2 (March 22, 2018). His message covers in-depth ideas on growing your business, such as:

  • How to be honest with yourself and identify the situations that are causing problems
  • Why many of those problems should drive you to use technology
  • How to implement technology successfully, including the many benefits of taking immediate steps
  • Why you’ll be a better manager by using technology intelligently
  • How to help your employees feel more empowered by it (not handcuffed by it!)

Many of you already know Jake and his breadth of experience in the industry. If you’ve never met Jake or reached out to JobNimbus, please don’t be shy. Come say hello after his message. You can also find Jake at the Vendor Lounge throughout the conference, so be sure to stop by if you have questions, or just to say hi! 

The JobNimbus team is here to help you succeed long-term.

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