Gartner Research, the prestigious information technology research firm that also owns Capterra, Software Advice, and GetApp, has named JobNimbus among the Top 20 Frontrunners in Construction Project Management Software for 2018, out of 350 leading products on the market.
We are honored to be a Gartner Top 20 Construction Project Management FrontRunner. As JobNimbus Co-founder Nick Wood observed:
“This is a distinction that tells us we’re on the right track, while also inspiring us to keep rolling out new features, integrations, and more–all with the simplicity and usability our customers are already using to succeed.”
Here’s a bit more about what this means to our customers, our team, and those of you looking for the right construction software solution for your business.

Gartner and Software Advice: World-class Industry Research

The FrontRunners program is powered by Gartner, a firm specializing FrontRunners is published on Software Advice, a trusted resource for software buyers. FrontRunners evaluates verified product data and end user reviews from, and, positioning the top scoring products based on capability and value for small businesses.

Why We Love Gartner’s Quadrant System

The 2018 FrontRunners Quadrant for Construction PM Software as well as the other quadrants they offer provide decision makers a visual look at top performing solutions. It’s a great way to understand where different solutions fall within today’s market. For example, JobNimbus sits in the Contenders category, which makes sense since we are a solution that works for small business and scales with businesses as they grow into larger businesses. Again, since Gartner evaluated more than 300 construction software solutions when choosing it’s Top 20, we are thrilled to be included in the mix. We’re proud to sit among the other solutions and categories serving the industries varied markets. Gartner makes it clear that all products on the quadrant are considered top performing, making this an unusual approach to a Top 20 list –and one the JobNimbus team really likes, since it brings decision makers more context, value, and insight.

We’re Pausing to Celebrate (Please Join Us!)

Like you, our business goals to make an outstanding product and provide excellent customer care keep us going without much of a rest. It’s one of the reasons Gartner’s work is so valuable to us. Their research and findings are a reminder to pause and consider where we are,and how we got here. Our Sales and Marketing Director Ben Hodson was quick to point out:
“We achieved this thanks to our wonderful users and we’re still as dedicated as ever to being the best for them.”
Director of Support Jason Wood agreed:
“I’d like to thank our team of dedicated employees for all their hard work. We love creating world-class software that helps contractors get jobs done, with fewer headaches, to achieve more life balance.”
So, as we pause to celebrate, we feel lucky to work with and for so many inspiring professionals, and we look forward to leveraging this momentum toward even better ideas and solutions. Making our customer’s lives more productive and successful: it’s what we get excited about!  

Customers! Celebrate With Us.

Please take a minute or two to review our software. It helps us gain visibility from milestones like this, which propels us toward even more innovative software solutions. Thank you for being integral to our journey!


Take JobNimbus for a spin and see how we can help move your construction business to the next goal or milestone.

REQUIRED DISCLAIMER: The content for the FrontRunners quadrant is derived from actual end-user reviews and ratings as well as vendor-supplied and publicly available product and company information that gets applied against a documented methodology; the results neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Gartner or any of its affiliates.

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