When it comes to CRM and project management software that helps roofers in any stage of their business, JobNimbus is uniquely versatile, customizable, and scalable. It’s a solution that’s perfect for roofing businesses, whether new or old.

But don’t just take our word for it!

How Roofing Software Empowers Your Business

To show you why we say that, and how we’ve already demonstrated that we’ll stand behind it, we’d love to share three reasons why JobNimbus helps roofers, from the perspective of one of our clients, Dmitry Lipinskiy.

Dmitry runs the popular roofing site and YouTube Channel Roofing Insights. Jake Dempsey from JobNimbus sat down with him during the recent IRE conference in New Orleans.

Here’s the full video of the interview that explores how this happens, followed by a quick synopsis of its main takeaways.

We really enjoyed meeting Dmitry, and we also dig his YouTube channel, so be sure to check out more on Dmitry’s Roofing Insights YouTube channel. It’s a fantastic resource for building your roofing business! Dmitry is also starting a roofing contractor marketing school, so be sure to look into that.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here’s a summary of the takeaways.

  • First, a Couple Definitions. If you don’t know a CRM from a project management tool, here’s a quick run-down. The first helps you manage customers and the second helps you manage jobs. JobNimbus does both.
  • Pricing Counts, in a Few Ways. The right software price goes beyond even the monetary concerns of starting a business on a shoestring. It’s about the software company’s attitude and frankly, their understanding of how pricing add-ons and other nuisances get in the way of the very thing roofers use us for: getting things done! That’s why JobNimbus keeps it simple. In six years, prices haven’t changed.
  • Custom Features Matter. As Jake Dempsey explains in this video, a good roofing software tool becomes integral to your business–the hub of everything you do. You’ll benefit most from a tool packed with must-haves not merely nice-to-haves. Plus, the right tool should offer integrations to put you in the driver’s seat, so you’re deciding which features make that hub right for your unique business and team.
  • Value Over Time. It’s all about scalability, and using a tool for the long haul.
  • Put Your Data in One Place. Instead of using tons of tools for each type of information, bring it all together. There’s power when you do that, and it’s greater than the sum of the parts. Plus . . .
  • Numbers Talk. Don’t build your business on assumptions. By learning and using a few simple reporting power tools, you can make decisions based on real numbers.

In summary, you already have amazing skills and business goals. Finding and using the right CRM and project management tool helps you apply those strengths as effectively as possible.

Next Steps: What to Do This Week

We know you’re busy–in fact, that’s exactly where our software helps roofers improve, by restoring life balance.

For that reason, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to go beyond reading this article. A few to-do’s today or this week can help you build momentum and apply everything we’ve covered here.

So here are your action items! Choose a few or tick off each and every one of them.

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