When it comes to what will happen for roofing in 2018, we don’t have a crystal ball. But since we do make an industry-leading CRM and project management tool, we have a unique perspective on what roofing companies are moving toward and how the most successful teams are getting work done.

So we thought, why not round up our predictions as we head into the new year? Hopefully we get everything right, but no matter what, we figure we can shine a light on core areas your roofing team can consider when making those 2018 goals and resolutions!

With developments like Trump’s possible tariff on international solar and other policy or market trends still unknown, it can feel like your success in 2018 is beyond your control. We hope our predictions show that more is in your control than out of it. Notably, several of our predictions involve trends we see for how roofing offices and teams operate–and that’s something you absolutely can fine-tune.

Here’s the list!

1. Paperless Efficiency

Prediction: “I think more roofing companies will go paperless.” – Josh Moncrief, Technical Support

Take Action: Josh advises, “It’s 2018, time to catch up and go paperless. Get your crew added as users in JobNimbus, so they can get all of the advantages of mobile software on their tablets and smartphones.”

2. Streamlined Payments and Organization

Prediction: “Roofing companies will get more serious about organization, especially around payments and billing. A lot of office folks and business owners call and are sick of having disorganized file cabinets and stacks of paperwork, so 2018 should continue the trend of roofing teams moving away from being overwhelmed and disorganized.” – Sarah DuBois, JobNimbus Technical Support

Take Action: Sarah recommends, “Time to trade your old file cabinets and stacks of paperwork for a CRM which will keep everything filed neatly under your customer and make it much easier to collect payments because you will quickly locate who has not paid their bill.”

3. Wacky Weather Patterns

Prediction: The volatile winter that has included snow in Texas in December will mean an exciting storm season in the spring and summer. of 2018 – Jake Dempsey, Sales

Take Action: When it comes to meeting unknowns like wacky weather patterns, it pays to get and stay agile. It’s part of becoming a future-focused company, one that can pivot without injuring itself!

4. Wage Increases

“With more and more roofing employers scrambling to find good help, I think wages will continue to rise for roofers in 2018. A good time to be a roofer, and a good time for roofing businesses to re-strategize with this in mind!” – Emily Hughes, Writer

Take Action: Roofing companies can adopt many strategies for absorbing higher labor costs.

  • One approach is to make existing team’s as efficient as possible through better scheduling, communication, and workflow follow-through.
  • Another approach might be to hire more entry-level professionals to support the company’s valuable but more expensive seasoned professionals. Our tools support this, by allowing custom permissions so you can decide which employees can access specific tools.
  • Automation is another option, allowing you to dedicate your team’s efforts on important tasks rather than tedious or repetitive ones.

You can also consider . . .

5. Tax Leverage

“With new tax cuts nearing passage into law, I expect to see many roofing companies use those tax breaks to hire more employees and grow rapidly in 2018.”- Ben Lane Hodson, Sales

Take Action: Understand how upcoming tax legislation could affect your business, and how to make sure you’re leveraging those in your big-picture business plans. We did a write-up of this very topic HERE (link when done).

You Heard It Here First (But Only If We Get It Right!)

So there you have it, our team’s prognostications about the roofing industry in 2018. It’s not so much about hearing it here first, though it will be nice to know we’ve guessed correctly! What we hope you’ve heard first and foremost in all these predictions is how hopeful and energized we are to meet challenges head-on, and to help our software users do the same.

In other words, while can’t take credit or blame for anything that does or doesn’t happen in the roofing industry at large, but we can help your business get more done, more effectively.

We’re on your team for 2018! If you haven’t tried JobNimbus or haven’t reached out to us lately, let us know what we can do help. We’ll continue connecting you with more ways to get the most out of our powerful CRM and project management tool.

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