Water from thin air? Hydropanels are making this a reality. These specialized solar panels can do what might sound impossible at first. So we ask, what implications might these hydropanels have for the roofing and solar industries?

Zero Mass out of Scottsdale, Arizona raised its sights beyond just energy or power generation from its solar panels. Instead, it set out to design solar panels that can also pull water out of the air to create drinkable water. The company’s SOURCE panels represent a very interesting solution to the world’s water shortages.

How These Hydropanels Work and How Much Water They Generate

It’s actually more than just water from thin air: Zero Mass Hydropanels process air and sunlight. For that reason, the output of a given panel differs depending on the sunlight and humidity available in a given environment. According to ZeroMass.com:

“Using advanced water capture technology, a standard SOURCE array replaces more than a twelve-pack and up to a twenty-pack of bottled water on a sunny day.”

The process involves solar technology, material science, and data. That combination may have you scratching your head a bit (I know it did for me!), so for more detail check out the Zero Mass site or this great video from The Verge, which also offered interesting perspective on how this solution compares to other solutions for helping communities find affordable, quality water:


3 Takeaways for Roofers

Hydropanel technology is still too new for any of us to project their popularity, but we still think innovations like this come with takeaways for roofers. Whether your roofing company handles solar yet or not, industry innovations like hydropanels are an important reminder that it can pay to stay nimble. When business leaders set their teams up to respond quickly to new innovation, they can leverage windows of opportunity.

So ask yourself, is your roofing company as nimble as you would like it to be? Here are three specific ways embracing technology today can keep your company nimble:

  • Preparation – When it comes to preparation, sometimes we first think about buying materials or resources. In business, so much of preparation comes down to mindset. When you prepare your team by moving toward a technology-based operational mindset, for example, you make it easier for everyone to respond to future opportunity and sustainability, even if that requires a fast pivot. It coincides with one of my favorite quotes by Louis Pasteur:

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

  • Momentum – No matter where you are in your growth, keeping an eye on future trends is the beginning of future-proofing your roofing business. Again, the right business tools help you focus on job productivity to big-picture reporting–metrics that support and even amplify your success.
  • Scalability – Growing incrementally is another important aspect of building a nimble roofing company. For example, if you choose roofing software that can grow with you rather than a tool you’ll grow out of, you will be much more likely to expand operations when opportunity strikes.

These are just three of many reasons to begin or continue thinking of your roofing business in terms of getting and staying nimble. It’s about using today’s opportunities to propel your company toward tomorrow’s roofing opportunities–which just might include innovations like hydropanels, and beyond!

Business operations that worked twenty or even ten years ago probably won’t support the kind of innovation and business opportunities new technologies like these will continue to present.

One Step to Take Today

The future is now! Even if your roofing or solar company isn’t ready to take on the most cutting-edge roofing or solar innovations now, the real takeaway is to begin laying or strengthening your foundation. We have tools to help you build and scale your business

Our industry-leading CRM and project management software JobNimbus is a business operations powerhouse that scales with roofing businesses, from start-up to innovative industry leaders. Take a look at our free demo and jump in with your 14-day trial today!

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