Sometimes it makes sense to stick with older versions of things. When it comes to software, hanging on to older versions when a new version works better doesn’t make much sense. This is definitely the case with the JobNimbus Mobile App v1 vs v2, for many reasons.

JobNimbus Mobile v1 vs v2

Think of this like restoring a car with fresh cosmetic and functional upgrades. Sure, if you aren’t driving the car, it can be fun to keep it rusted and retro. But if you are using the car, that’s a pretty bad idea!

Since software isn’t something you keep “garaged”, let’s get your JobNimbus Mobile App back on the road with all the bells and whistles that make it work well! Today we’re inviting you to give yourself the gift of moving from version 1.0 towards version 2.0 of the JobNimbus mobile app. Read on for more detail as I address a few reasons why some users haven’t made the switch (you might relate!).

Reason #1: “I Didn’t Know A New Version Existed!”

This new app version may be news to you! We’re sorry we didn’t reach you with a notification sooner. Please consider this your official invitation to jump in with the most updated version as described at the end of this article.

Also, please know that his is an update we’ve notified our email subscribers about, so it may help to contact us to see if we have a good email for you. Or, join our email community with an email you check often by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Reason #2: “Switching to the New Version Might Be Disruptive”

This concern is understandable. When it comes to software, we’ve all been through hiccups and disruptions.

Even when software upgrades go perfectly, new tools can still feel a bit unfamiliar. With the upgrade from JobNimbus v.1 to v.2, the user experience should be much better. We’ve simply upgraded the experience where it counts, based on user feedback.The layout is so much better to find what you need and take action out in the field or on the job site.

Also, while it may feel like a possible disruption today to upgrade to 2.0, I promise, it’s very easy. It’s also actually the way to avoid disruptions. Eventually, we’ll be doing away with version 1.0 entirely, in the name of integrating and growing the JobNimbus experience. At that time (TBA), version 1.0 will stop working, so that’s another good reason to go ahead and make the switch now, on your own schedule. We want to help keep you as productive as possible, by minimizing any interruption!

Reason #3: “I Think 1.0 is Better or 2.0 is Missing Features I Want”

If you have a specific feature in 1.0 that you are concerned isn’t there for you in 2.0, our Support team would love to hear about it. Please give us the opportunity to troubleshoot this with you, to make sure you’re leveraging the most value possible from our powerful tools. We are here to overcome any obstacle or misinformation.

After all, the user experience in 2.0 should only feel better and more intuitive, for a ton of reasons, including:

  • More Actions Within Jobs and Contacts: You can now call, text, or email customers from within Jobs, making it easier to follow-up and stay on top of things. You can also do more than just call from the Contacts screen–text or email from there as well.
  • Pictures. Brand new camera capabilities empower you to take rapid-fire shots at the job site, meaning you don’t need to upload from an album. This is awesome, and it’s only going to get better!
  • Better Digital Signatures. 2.0 users can get signatures on any PDF document, right from the mobile app! Get more paperwork done in the field.
  • Estimate Templates. Why re-invent the wheel? These docs are ready-made and easy to customize on the fly.
  • Document Upgrades. The Online Estimate and Document Builder tools have both been updated and streamlined. More file types are supported now, too (DOC, PPT, etc.).
  • New Tutorial Screens. Onboarding new users as you add team members is that much better thanks to easy-to-find built-in guides.
  • Speed. 2.0 is WAY faster in terms of sync times and loads. Items like contacts and photos can sync in mere milliseconds.
  • Fast Track to Support. Send our team a message and it will now go right into our logs, getting you the help you need even quicker.

. . . and more!

Tons of additional fixes and updates have been made in 2.0. Check out this list for additional detail.

These features were never possible in the old app, so go ahead, leave 1.0 in the dust!

How to Upgrade Today

The update to JobNimbus v. 2 is available to download now. Head to your app store and get the update, then begin using it! You shouldn’t need to uninstall version 1, as the app stores should handle the upgrade for you, but if you run into any problems, we’re here for you.

JobNimbus 2.0 - App Store
JobNimbus 2.0 - Google Play Store

Stay Updated About Future Improvements

Don’t forget to make sure you get additional updates as soon as they’re available, by setting your mobile device for Automatic Updates.

We’re already working on new features like a new email client to send emails directly from the app including attachments and email templates. We’ve been so much faster to update this new mobile app because the architecture allows quicker development and turnaround. New features and updates are coming every month.

And as mentioned, if you haven’t already, join our mailing list at the bottom of this page for another nudge when new updates or features are ready for you and your team.

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