Electricians owe a lot to discoveries made by historical scientists from Thales of Miletus (who discovered that static electricity comes from rubbing amber and wool) to Volt, Hertz, Tesla, and Einstein. Most readers who see this blog are doing so thanks to this amazing power.

Of all the highly productive scientists who’ve studied electricity, Benjamin Franklin’s habits are probably the best documented. Thanks to his notes and records, we can study his thoughts, schedule, and general approach to life and business. And though the outcomes of his key and kite experiment have been debunked by some, Franklin still contributed quite a bit to the study of electricity.

For anyone running an electrical business today, his insights are still relevant. So today, we ask the question: what might Franklin think of today’s electrical software?

Franklin Would Likely Leverage Reporting

Franklin’s formalized his self-awareness and self-improvement into 13 Virtues, which you can read about here. The interesting thing from a productivity standpoint is that he didn’t just articulate these virtues or even merely look at them daily; he also tracked his progress. Now, it can be difficult to quantify how much improvement one is making in virtues such as humility or temperance, but others on his list were probably easier to track, like cleanliness and frugality.

There are plenty of business goals an electrical business can track to increase success. Electrical software makes generating and sharing reports easy, and though Franklin kept things pretty simple in a lot of ways, he also didn’t shy away from tools that made more complex tasks simpler.

Franklin Would Probably Like Cloud-integrated Scheduling

Franklin was a statesman, philosopher, and inventor, and he was also keenly aware of productivity and business. For example, he was more of a single-tasker than a multi-tasker.

The precept of Order requiring that every part of my business should have its allotted time… – Benjamin Franklin

A lot of this comes down to scheduling and calendaring. one of the most interesting things I came across about Franklin’s daily routine was this sketch of a scheduling diagram.

Fencing Contractor Software - Scheduling

Most of us don’t have time to sketch our schedules, and even if we did, it would be difficult to coordinate those with our team’s sketches! Instead,  the right business tools make it easy to coordinate many schedules within one business.

Electrical software can help, by providing a cloud-integrated scheduling tool. That way, everyone sees the same information at any given time, whether they are in the field or in the office. It makes internal scheduling and customer scheduling more reliable and successful.

From a productivity standpoint, it also helps business owners hold the “allotted time” open for each prioritized task.

Franklin Might Nerd Out Over Workflow Boards

Since Franklin used visual tools,he’d probably like using a visual tool that showed job or customer status at a given time.  If Franklin was in charge of an electrical business today, he’d be able to do this easily using a boards tool with an electrical software solution.

Boards allow users to drag and drop a job or customer from one column to the next, so everyone gets a bird’s-eye view quickly and easily.

Moving Categories in Boards View

Productivity Leads to Growth and Innovation

Benjamin Franklin accomplished a lot and used his time to grow and innovate in many different areas. While he lived in a much different time, his principles and ideas can help an electrical business today reach new levels of success.

At JobNimbus, we believe in looking to leaders of the past for this kind of inspiration. We’ve built our JobNimbus software to create productivity solutions for electrical businesses like yours, and our tools feature everything we’ve mentioned above. Check out our free trial today and reach out to our Support team with any questions.

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