A family in Berino, New Mexico is living without a roof. They are still in their home, but now with the open sky where a roof should be.

When I first saw this story’s headline (New Mexican Woman Lives in Home Without Roof), I thought, How interesting, this family is opting to live without a roof as some kind of lifestyle preference or experiment. Maybe the image had something to do with my initial reaction: it’s clear that the family is intentionally living in the residence, and it’s a striking image!

My initial reaction reminds me that it’s amazing how disconnected we can be from what others are experiencing. It’s a matter of one person’s reality not even registering another’s.

Because of course, this was not the case with this story—or maybe I should say, this is not the case. As I’m writing this, the Carbajals are living without a roof in Berino, and it’s not a romantic experiment to live out under the open sky; it’s their best solution.

Carmen Carbajal is shown here, in her home, yet exposed to all nature’s elements as we head into the coldest part of the year (New Mexico included).

Like many of us, this family has been trying to work with what they have. They also want to hang on to what matters most. Karina Carbajal reported to KFOX14:

“This is it,” she said. “This is where we grew up. This is our life and this is where my dad, may he rest in peace — he built this for us.”

Mr. Carbajal passed away earlier this year, leaving Carmen and Karina to handle this difficult situation: a complete roof cave-in caused by a fire followed by several years of rain.

For more detail on the family and the situation, you can watch the KFOX14 coverage here.

Let’s Help This Family!

This family certainly isn’t the only one making the best of difficult circumstances, but this situation hits close to home for those of us in the roofing industry. Thanks to an image posted to Facebook, the director of a local pageant, Marco Alvarado, has stepped in to facilitate some new best solutions for this wonderful family.

This is where we can chip in as a roofing community to help this family. Alvarado has set up a GoFundMe page to pay for a new roof.

At the time of this writing, the fund is a little over half-way to their goal. The local Berino roofing community is donating time and labor to fix the roof, so any donation you make to this GoFundMe account will go toward materials and the temporary housing arrangements locals have made to get this family out of the cold and other elements in the meantime.

As you may already know, GoFundMe offers a guarantee against fraudulent crowdfunding, which makes this a great way to extend good faith and give if you can!

And of course, as we head into December, the JobNimbus team wishes all a warm, safe, and happy holiday season! Thank you for being part of our community.

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