I’m a sucker for makeovers. There’s something about seeing dramatic before-and-after shots of a person, room, or project that can be so inspiring!

There are actually several ways deck building software can create a makeover for your company, and a lot of that begins with incorporating more actual picture-taking at the job site. Let me show you what I mean by that, and why this is so important for your business.

If a Picture Says a Thousand Words . . .

Then good before-and-after pictures say even more! This is one of those things where the sum can be greater than its parts. I think it’s because the connection and comparison between before and after creates an emotional response—hopefully, a positive one!

Decks aren’t usually must-have items. They are emotional, want-to-have additions to a property, and that means connecting with customers’ emotions and imaginations. Put another way, for your prospective customers, before-and-after pictures open up the imagination with just one glance–and that’s exactly where you want potential clients as well as existing customers to be.

Good deck building software can be the key to getting set up for image-driven communication, documentation, and marketing. It helps you get a quick business makeover, in three easy steps.

1. Communicate Clearly

If you’re not already, start communicating with pictures to create a clearer, emotional message. Yes, you want to exceed customer expectations, but customers want control of the end product—remember, they’re going to be living with it! All the more reason to use pictures to communicate your vision and document your discussions.

Look for deck building software that allows you to snap a pic on your mobile phone and send it right to a customer’s record.

2. Design With Emotional Impact in Mind

Customers may want the final say, but they also want your expertise. As you create deck and patio designs, always keep the reveal moment in mind. Customers may be asking for one thing, but you know from experience what makes many customers have an emotional response, so get in the habit of suggesting those types of finishes or other design elements.

Once you have your customer’s permission, you can follow those instincts and deliver a true before-and-after “wow” moment–one that future customers can feel as well, with one glance.

As you keep taking pictures of your results, your deck building software helps you manage those marketing assets. You’ll be glad you’ve learned how to maximize the visual and functional impact of your deck building tasks.

3. Make Sure Your Workflow Includes Taking Pictures

By documenting your jobs through pictures from day one before any deck building occurs, your sales and onsite building teams will hit more emotional home runs at every stage of a job.

And yet, some remodeling businesses still aren’t documenting their ‘before and after’ pics! The problem is usually one of habit. Taking pictures needs to be automated into your workflow. Automating your workflow means everyone gets notified of what to do next, and documenting before and after pics should absolutely be part of those task lists.

You don’t have to break the bank to do this, but workflow-based deck building software can go a long way toward making sure you’re getting pictures of all the hard work you’re doing. In fact, taking pictures is something that fits in with what you’re already doing.

Here are two additional considerations about this last of our three points.

Flooring Software - Mobile Job Photos

You Don’t Need a Professional to Take Every Marketing Picture

When it comes to promoting your work on social media or other digital campaigns, it can be better to rely on your team rather than an expensive photo professional. First of all, you already have people in the field. But also, a real-life vibe can go a long way.

Bottom line, anyone on your team can and should be taking pictures, which is why it’s best handled through the workflow you’re already doing. If you don’t have a workflow, that’s something deck building software can help you tighten up, which will help you be even more successful in your deck and patio business.

You Have Permission to Get Creative and Have Fun With This

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take this to the next level. Add a few extras, depending on what you are working on. If you are remodeling a deck, go ahead and help that customer move their beautiful deck furniture or patio plants onto the new deck for greater impact in the after picture you snap. Every case is different, but the idea is to always be thinking about that final emotional image.

Be creative! Real estate agents put out plates of cookies. What might your team do to make a deck look finished and inviting? If nothing else, make sure your shot of the finished deck is clean! You want a photo without your gear or a bunch of debris still in the picture.

Let JobNimbus Help You Makeover Your Business

JobNimbus is a full-featured customer relationship management and project management tool that can help organize your team’s time, resources, and something through features such as visual workflows, reporting, and much more.

JobNimbus on All Your Devices

So, go ahead: take a mental snapshot of where your company is now, then use our free trial for 14 days and see whether you like the after. Our software is all about making your company look good and operate even better!

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