Today, we’re introducing the power to Zap! Our brand new integration with Zapier lets JobNimbus easily and seamlessly play with hundreds of other apps, many of which you’re probably already using.

Explore Zapier for JobNimbus

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to move information back and forth between JobNimbus and 750+ other apps. This means you’ll be able to send data to and from JobNimbus automatically at certain points in your process.

Say, for instance, you want to import contacts you get from a web form into JobNimbus. You can do that now.

If you want to send JobNimbus contacts to MailChimp for a marketing campaign around the holidays, you can do that now, too.

Put another way, using Zapier gives you access to more integrations than ever. It connects your actions in JobNimbus with actions you need to take in other popular sites and services, and vice versa–which helps supercharge your business and takes more work off your shoulders.

How Zapier Will Help You Get More Done

When you set a Zap with Zapier, one action automatically signals another action. Think of it as an automation sequence at the task level, between two different web- or cloud-based tools.

For example, you could set a Zap to automatically add a customer to your list in Constant Contact whenever they reach a certain status in JobNimbus. Or, when someone fills out your site’s web lead capture form, a Zap can automatically send that information to JobNimbus, to create a new contact.

By leveraging Zapier automations, you’ll enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Efficiency. By automating a task in one program to complete a task in another, you save time and avoid switching environments. You make things simple and keep your mind clear for more high-priority decision making.
  • Consistency. Automation is also about systemizing your results. If you and your team are working hard and still struggling to follow through, Zapier automations can help smooth out the bumps. The trigger system creates a cause-and-effect reaction that doesn’t miss, even when you might.
  • Effectiveness. When you make information gathering and sharing more convenient and consistent, it translates into more organization throughout your company. That helps you and your team be more effective in everything you do, which is what Zaps are all about.
  • Happiness. As Zapier points out on their website, the name rhymes with “happier”. By automating tasks when it makes sense to, you free yourself up to enjoy your work processes overall. Since running a business is a long game, that whole “enjoy the journey” thing really matters, and automation keeps your focus on more rewarding to-do’s, that often yield more rewarding business outcomes.

Next Steps: How to Start Zapping

As of today, you can create Zaps for your JobNimbus contacts, jobs, or activities. The first step toward creating these sorts of feature-specific automations is to set up a free account with Zapier. Once you have that set up, you’ll be ready to leverage the power of Zapier!

Here’s our tutorial for setting up Zapier.

If you run into questions or problems along the way, please let our support team know so we can help.

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