This week, I read a compelling article by Entrepreneur magazine that gave a great overview for professionals interested in starting their own remodeling business.

What struck me most was, remodeling software can help support or even expand each of the areas that article mentioned. That’s a big takeaway for anyone looking to start their own remodeling business!

Let me show you what I mean, in case this helps you with your entrepreneurial adventures. I’ll quote the Entrepreneur article, followed by an explanation of remodeling software tools that help remodelers get the job done!

Remodeling Software

1. Business Flow and Organization

“Remodeling is a business predominantly populated by self-employed individuals.”

Low barriers to entry are one major reason many remodelers are entrepreneurs, as is the fairly steady market demand for this kind of work since it can be less seasonal than other contracting specialties. It makes this industry an exciting area of opportunity! But there’s a lot to do when you’re running the show yourself, especially if you’re growing faster than you can hire good people.

That’s where software can become your start-up’s best friend!

Like most entrepreneurs, you have the best of intentions, but it’s easy to get behind the curve with a new business. You can automate how your software screens look and operate, coordinate sales efforts, cut out the busy work of monitoring your workflow, and so much more. Any business requires some repetitive, detail-oriented work to keep things running. With so much to keep track of, it’s actually in everyone’s best interest for you to delegate those tasks to your remodeling software. It’s what software is good at—keeping things consistent, on-schedule, and moving along.

2. Specialization

“One specialty that’s very much in demand in some areas is “green” remodeling: using nontoxic building materials, making spaces more energy efficient and using recycled building components.”

The Entrepreneur article lists many areas you might find interesting, but the main takeaway is this: you’ll probably need to specialize to compete.

Remodeling software has you covered here as well. While not all solutions offer affordable customization, it’s worth it to find one that does. Look for a tool that makes it easy to keep changing and evolving your preferences over time.

By finding remodeling software that supports your niche market through specialized business workflows, documentation, and reporting, you can bootstrap with the best of them without sacrificing the details that will set you apart.

3. Team-oriented Tasks

“To succeed as a remodeling contractor, you’ve got to have the hands-on capability to do the work itself unless you plan to hire others to do it for you. Even then, you’ll need to know enough to be able to order materials, do scheduling, supervise your employees or subcontractors, assure that the work done will satisfy your clients and meet housing codes.”

You guessed it: good remodeling software can help with all these tasks, too. Even though you may be self-employed, you’ll likely work with others. Thinking of these people in terms of a team is important. Depending on your situation, you can also share your remodeling software solution among your actual or functioning team, making it even more powerful for you.

Working with subcontractors? Visual workflows can help you guide them through your process. Need a great way to inventory materials and have those items auto-populate your forms, estimates, and other paperwork? No problem, just look for a cloud-based remodeling software solution that offers extras like digital signatures as well. Scheduling tasks and quality control checks? Shared calendars with alerts make it simple.

You can see how remodeling software helps you move things along without getting out of step with others trying to do the same thing.

4. Social Proof

“Satisfied clients are the key to success in remodeling because referrals from past customers and repeat business are what keep new business coming in.”

The Entrepreneur article offers several creative ways to start building your customer base, so again, it’s worth a read. Once things start rolling, they’ll probably keep rolling! Remodeling software can support important record-keeping and information-sharing, without interrupting that momentum.

For example, look for a solution that can automatically ask for customer reviews. It’s all about building your social proof, which can act as a digital referral for everyone who sees those positive reviews about your company online.

Look for Remodeling Software That Grows With You

One last thing to keep in mind: you’ll want remodeling software that vibes with your entrepreneurial spirit. You have the vision for where your business could take you, and you certainly want a software solution that can handle that growth.

We’ve created a remodeling software solution you can jump into now and stick with going forward. JobNimbus is affordable, user-friendly, and great for customer relationship management or project management tasks. We keep our interface simple, then offer you the opportunity to turn on additional features as you go—all within one simple account.

Check out our pricing as well as our free trial today, and please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

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