Painting can be a wonderful business, with fairly low investment to get started. But with a low barrier to entry, your local painting market can feel crowded. How can you stand out and go the distance?

We have simple, in-depth, and deep-dive answers to that question. Here’s what all those answers have in common: painting software. It’s a low-cost way to differentiate yourself by streamlining both internal and customer-facing tasks.

Painting Software

We produce JobNimbus, a popular option for residential and commercial painters, so let us give you the answer you’re looking for: whether that’s a quick push in the right direction, a more comprehensive list of features to look for in a painting software tool, or the in-depth usability features a power-user wants to know about.

Looking for Painting Software? Let Us Paint You a Picture…

You probably parse out your big painting jobs according to room size and other factors, so let’s put this in terms of a few different rooms: the small entryway, the enormous family room, and the intricate kitchen.

The Small Entryway Answer

The concise, short answer to the question of which painting software you should use is this: look at what’s working for other people and jump in yourself! JobNimbus has you covered there. Our software has a free 14-day trial. This makes it easy to experience whether it’s right for you and your team. By putting your experience and questions front and center, we’re giving you the opportunity to move forward with this even on your busiest days. So go ahead, take a look at our demos, then try our desktop version and the mobile app for yourself. Jot down any questions, and reach out. We’re happy to help!

The Mid-sized Family Room Answer

Maybe you want a list of top-level painting software features to look for. That can be a great way to narrow down your search, because while many tools offer project management or customer relationship management tools, not many offer both. JobNimbus is unique in that you will have access to both PM and CRM tools, all-in-one solution.

So, here it goes: our quick and concise rundown of major task areas JobNimbus can help you conquer:

  • Process – By articulating what needs to be done, you can begin moving toward true efficiency.
  • Workflow – JobNimbus offers a highly visual boards view to help you monitor and manage your pipeline.
  • Automation – When things feel overwhelming, it could be because you’re doing a lot of repetitive work. Automation can help!
  • Custom Fields – This is just one of many customizations available in JobNimbus, but it’s a great place to start! Make our tools and forms truly relevant for your team.
  • Full Mobility – From the office to the field, and whether you’re online or offline, our cloud-based software has you covered.
  • Simplicity – Your team won’t spend weeks trying to learn our system!
  • Training – If you do want custom training, we can offer that. We also offer resources to help you train your team.
  • Custom Live Reports – Analyze what really matters to your painting business.
  • Support – If trouble does arise, you won’t be facing it alone. We’re here to help!

For more details on each of these features, please check out our 10 Essentials for CRM.

The Intricate Kitchen Answer

If you’re still reading this, you’re in it for that room people are going to spend a lot of time in, where the paint job needs to be precise if not perfect. To put this another way, you want to know what really makes JobNimbus sing, what takes it from a convenient tool to a solution your business can’t thrive without.

We feel this comes down to customization. When poorly designed, software customization can become a potential hindrance. But we built JobNimbus much more intelligently than that. By scaling everything back to its simplest form and putting you in the driver’s seat, all customizations become manageable. You won’t have to wait on us to make changes for you since it’s all there in your administrative settings. You also won’t find yourself without a roadmap for how to grow your JobNimbus use over time.

Because you can scale up features whenever you decide to without needing a new account or service level, JobNimbus truly grows with you. That’s a long-term painting software solution you can feel confident committing to!

Let JobNimbus Keep You Competitive

Like most industries, painting becomes more competitive by the day. Many of your competitors already use software solutions. They may even use a bundle of software solutions. You can get an edge by choosing an all-in-one software tool that won’t leave you stranded: JobNimbus.

So that takes care of our short, medium, and long answers to the question of which painting software is best for your company. If you’d like to try JobNimbus for free or reach out to us now, please contact our support team. We can help you stand out from the crowd.

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