If there is anything that follows its own set of rules, it’s concrete. You know the stuff and you’ve learned how to make it turn out the way you want it to. You might say that your concrete skills have been prepped, poured, stamped, and set nicely!

But can you say the same for your concrete business as a whole? If it’s time to solidify your best practices, we can provide you a “frame” that doesn’t require a huge investment: concrete software. In fact, here’s why you shouldn’t pour another job without it.

Concrete Software

Three Ways JobNimbus Frames Your Concrete Business

With JobNimbus, you’ll get the structure you need for consistent results, no matter the conditions. Here are three ways our software helps you do just that.

1. Manage the Materials

Concrete is one of those businesses where product truly matters. The sheer weight, bulk, and behavior of the product make it difficult to manage. It takes skill to select, protect, and apply the right concrete, for the right jobs, under the right conditions, and in the context of other materials.

That’s a lot to keep track of, especially as your business grows. Let JobNimbus help you with routine tasks as well as big-picture quality control. Our workflow and inventory tools take the guesswork out of ordering materials, then pricing products and services, so they can be automatically pulled into work orders, estimates, quotes, and receipts.

Also, our cloud-integrated note system empowers your team to take detailed records of materials used on different jobs. This can also create a history of what works and what doesn’t. Since JobNimbus lives in the cloud, your entire office or mobile team can benefit from each person’s experiences, making you a much stronger concrete company.

2. Perfect the Pour

With all the preparation that goes into a concrete job, you may feel stretched beyond capacity. Because concrete jobs often come down to that one important day or series of days–the pour!–it’s a coordination game. After all, you need to find customers, design the right concrete solution, coordinate with team members and subcontractors, schedule services, follow-thought on paperwork, and take care of many other details. The good news is, these are all things JobNimbus can help with.

JobNimbus can be that solution for you, like it is for so many other customers. Because JobNimbus is a full-featured customer relationship management (CRM) tool, it can help you organize customer information and follow up when it counts. But JobNimbus is rare in that it is also a full-featured project management tool (PM) tool. That means JobNimbus synergizes all your team-oriented and project-specific tasks.

Best of all, these feature sets combine to create a tool that is greater than the sum of its parts. In short, JobNimbus gets it done, even with something as complicated as sustaining a profitable concrete business.

3. Ensure the Set

We know you understand how to make sure all your hard work preparing and pouring a concrete job has a chance to set and solidify. But sometimes, concrete professionals achieve great final results on one job without knowing how to make that job propel them toward more success in the future.

That’s where a variety of tools come in, and your concrete software can be one of them. Self-perpetuating success is what we want for all our concrete customers. We know how to get you there using features like our JobNimbus customizations, including feature integrations and process automations.

Let Us Help You Set Your Success in Stone

If there is one thing we’d love to help with, it’s your ongoing success! We have the tools to do it. JobNimbus consistently ranks highly for usability as well as affordability. There’s no reason to not give us a try today, especially since we offer a free 14-day trial. If you run into questions along the way, will be there to help. Just reach out!

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