When it comes to running and organizing your legal practice, consider JobNimbus for your law firm–a solution that meets and exceeds recommendations from the American Bar Association (ABA). Below, we’ll make our case for choosing JobNimbus today so we can help your legal practice grow into the future. JobNimbus law firms

How JobNimbus Passes the Bar

Business software for law firms comes in a lot of forms, which can make it tricky to define–or find a solution that works for your team! We like how the Amarican Bar Association describes legal practice management software:
“Practice and case management software provides attorneys with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information, including contacts, calendaring, documents, and other specifics by facilitating automation in law practices.”
We also like the five categories the ABA specifies as indicative of robust legal practice management software. We’d love to show you how JobNimbus fulfills each area for law firms. Below, we’ll quote the ABA, then show you how JobNimbus provides six feature categories. As you can see, we offer solutions in every category, making us your most comprehensive business-focused solution.

1. Case Management

“Information on all of your cases and matters is accessible through a centralized database; Manages to-do lists; Fast & flexible searching; Conflicts of interest checking; Checks statue of limitations” Customer Call Notes
Behind every successful law firm is a well-run organization–probably one that leverages practice management software. JobNimbus gives you features like time-stamped notes, document attachments, and other organizational features that make finding facts and records easy. Our tools are all about making your business easier, for the stage you’re at, without sacrificing the breadth of tools your law firm needs.

2. Time Tracking

Records billable time on an hourly, contingent, transactional, or user defined fee individually or firm-wide; Links to time, billing, and accounting programs
JobNimbus can record time according to your custom specifications. Our integrations are also second-to-none, including the seamless incorporation of QuickBooks and other services your legal team may already use.

3. Document Assembly

“Drafts documents; Links to word processing programs”
In addition, it’s easy to use JobNImbus alongside the word processor of choice. You can attach documents, get them digitally signed, and so much more. Your digital paperwork just got a lot simpler! JobNimbus Mobile Signatures

4. Contact Management

“Tracks, logs, and stores details about phone calls. e-mails, and other correspondence; callback reminders”
Our customers can leverage JobNimbus’ customer relationship management (CRM) features to their full capacities. That means your firm benefits from both a project management (PM) and CRM solution–all packed into one! In other words, you can find various specialty tools for each individual business case management workflow item, but that’s probably not your best solution. Instead, look for something like JobNimbus–a full-featured CRM (customer relationship management) and PM (project management) solution that is scalable for law firms of every size. For example, looking for an automatic call-logging system? JobNimbus can end every client call by opening a note for you. That way, you can capture your thoughts or record details about the conversation you’ve just had. The note even records the call time so you have a better tracking system if you need to review correspondence. The automations don’t end there–use JobNimbus to make sure you never miss a follow-up or call-back opportunity, and so much more.

5. Calendaring

Presenting the new JobNimbus Calendar for Scheduling Tasks, Contacts, Jobs, Work Orders, and More“Allows staff to view tasks, deadlines, appointments, and meetings by day, week, month, or year; Calculates calendar dates; Schedules appointments and meetings”
Every law firm has to deal with scheduling–and things usually get complicated. You need everyone reading from the same calendar! That’s why this is another category where choosing a cloud-based solution is important. JobNimbus keeps your office and field team members connected online and offline, across desktop, mobile, and web. That way, everyone sees the latest shared calendars and knows where to be, and when.

6. Billing

“Tracks billable time; Generates client invoices; Links to time tracking and accounting programs; Creates reports for individual billing attorneys
In JobNimbus, your time tracking, work order systems, invoicing documentation, and other billing documents or reports are simple to customize. Once your services and rates are applied to the system, you can generate custom forms on the fly. Collect digital signatures, share key paperwork, and so much more. Billing made simpler!

JobNimbus for Law Firms Puts the Focus on Your Clients

Moving forward with JobNimbus means creating a stronger, more enjoyable legal business–one that puts the focus on your clients. After all, your cases and projects can run much more smoothly with the automation, communication, and documentation tools we’ve explored in answer to the ABA’s recommendations. Clients can feel that, and we’re sure you and your legal team will feel those positive effects as well! Hopefully, we’ve at least made our case for you to explore our free trial. We’re here to help with questions as you continue looking for the right tool for your law firm–now and in the future.

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