When comparing JobNimbus vs. MHelpDesk, you may find yourself sorting through a lot of different features and details. You need to do your research when considering such an important tool for your business, but we understand you’re busy!  Let us help by showing you a few key differences to focus your search on.

First, Here’s What’s Similar

JobNimbus and MHelpDesk are both cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, which means you and your team access these tools wherever business takes you. It also means that each solution is available for web and mobile devices. For mobile, both JobNimbus and MHelpDesk give you offline access, which is important when you’re out at the job site. Your team stays connected between the office and the field.

But how are these solutions different? That’s the real question that will help you decide which is right for your team. Let’s look at that next.

Comparing JobNimbus vs. MHelpDesk: Four Key Areas

1. Usability

When it comes to usability, JobNimbus gives you the features you need without the headaches.

This comes down to many design decisions working in concert, providing you the best user experience on the market. For example, JobNimbus is feature-packed but we only turn on core tools by default. That way, the software doesn’t get in the way of the job to be done–even on day one, when you’re first learning your way around.

JobNimbus also offers convenient videos, telephone & email support, and training options, so when you’re working with us, you never have to feel like you’re working alone.

2. Cost

JobNimbus is also the clear winner when it comes to affordability that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Our $25 per user per month costs a fraction of MHelpDesk’s $99-per month option. We keep it simple with one straightforward pricing tier.

No contracts and no gimmicks, while offering plenty of features your current project management software probably doesn’t have (and you need!).

3. Reporting


In addition, we have you covered when it comes to robust reporting and analysis tools. We know how imperative it is to keep a clear view of your company’s data and trends!

Jumping into an alternative tool that doesn’t offer you this kind of “window into your data” is like driving with a dirty windshield. Sure, with run-of-the-mill reporting you can achieve partial visibility, but no one should be driving that way!

Instead, leverage JobNimbus custom reporting and team-centric data sharing. You’ll be glad you did when you reach your goals in one piece because you’ve survived the obstacles and pitfalls you might otherwise fall prey to on the road.

4. Integrations

While you want a full-featured software tool that can handle many aspects of your business, you also don’t want a software that tries to do everything only to spread itself too thin. JobNimbus strikes the right balance. We understand that you may already use tools that work well for specific tasks. We can appreciate when a third-party tool handles a very specialized function. In fact, we’ve made sure our software can integrate directly with many popular solutions.

So between JobNimbus and MHelpDesk, which one stands out for integrations? JobNimbus again. We offer more integrations, which means you get a better depth of experience when you choose our software. For example, we sync with QuickBooks, SalesRabbit, CompanyCam, Google Calendar, and many others.

Save Time by Trying Out JobNimbus First

We’re biased, of course, but we also have the features, pricing, support, and plenty of other features to back this up: the JobNimbus 14-day Free Trial is your fastest way forward. As our customers attest, you’ll never look back.

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