Professionals turn to JobNimbus for labor tracking features that take average team performance and turn it into next level performance. How can we say that? Well, we have the feature lineup and the customer success to prove it! 

Beyond the Average Labor Tracker

JobNimbus takes a team-focused approach to most business areas, including labor tracking.

Among the many reasons to use JobNimbus as a labor tracker, three features stand out: communication, scheduling, and time tracking.

Let’s look at how each can help drive results for your company, your team, and your customers.

1. Notes and Communication

JobNimbus takes business teams beyond traditional labor tracking. Instead of offering just the traditional time tracking model, we help you keep the focus on people and communication. That approach feels better for team members and it might surprise you how much better you’ll feel as well. That’s why communication leads our list of labor tracking features.

With JobNimbus, your team can capture notes wherever the day takes them. Even though some team members work in the office and others in the field, everyone accesses the same notes and communication. That means you can keep track of your crew’s progress through this shared information hub. After all, when information is reliable, it’s easier to notice problems and communicate directly with the people involved.

@Mentions - One Little Symbol Changes Everything

Go further by using mentions in your notes to notify specific team members. The way we see it, tracking labor should be about empowering your team. So if you have a situation to address, you’ll need a cloud-based mobile and web-based tool that makes communication simple, direct, and seamless. JobNimbus fits the bill!

2. Scheduling

boards view

Calendaring and scheduling become collaborative when you use JobNimbus. Again, our web and mobile applications are cloud-based. That means every team member accesses up-to-date information in calendars, workflows, and other important digital spaces, like our boards view. This view allows your team to move customers or jobs through workflow pipelines, so everyone knows where their jobs stand and what needs to get done.

They can also see how many days their jobs have been in a certain status, which keeps the forward momentum up.

Plus, you and your team can use our JobNimbus scheduler or integrate with Google Calendar. By creating a synced scheduling environment everyone can rely on, this becomes less about tracking details and more about setting clear expectations across your entire team.

3. Time Tracking

In JobNimbus, your time tracking tasks become powerful levers. Rather than just tracking tasks as a labor record, you can leverage this information toward better business workflows and decision-making.

Here are just a few of the many time tracking features that will keep your business on-track and out of the red:

  • Set labor estimates as you create new tasks, setting clear expectations for your team. That way, no one’s working on assumptions. Your team understands what to do, when to do it, and for how long.
  • Understand job status at a glance. Team members and managers alike can monitor the progress of specific labor tasks using convenient progress bars. That way, your team can keep labor hours within project scopes.
  • Analyze data. Generate time log reports to understand labor trends. This gives you and your management team solid ground when addressing performance issues, as just one example. Our reports make it easier to collaborate on the right course correction.

Try Our Labor Tracker Today

When it comes to tracking your labor resources, JobNimbus helps you manage minutia without missing the forest for the trees. We’ll help you keep the focus on empowering your team! That way, your labor tracking can feel less like babysitting and more like an iterative adventure towards continual improvement.

Check out our demos or our 14-day free trial for additional perspective on what we can help you accomplish.

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