Looking for simple and free software to manage jobs? Whether you manage projects constantly or just find yourself wearing that hat from time to time, straightforward software can make your life easier by helping you focus on what really matters.

We’ve gathered a list of top programs budget-minded businesses can move forward with today and grow with tomorrow.

List of Simple And Free Software To Manage Jobs

Who hasn’t felt the pinch of too much to do and too little time to do it in? Or too much to do and too little budget or bandwidth among your team? Being busy is all well and good if you can stay on top of everything, but what about opportunities you might be missing?

By leveraging simple and free software to manage jobs, you can get the more from your valuable time in the short-run. We’ll also point out several ways an affordable, full-featured option like JobNimbus might be a better alternative in the long-run.

1. Freedcamp

Still building and bootstrapping your business? Freedcamp gives you a great place to start. Like other tools listed here, this software comes in a free version with the opportunity to add on services as you grow. So, if you expect expansion will take some time, this might be a good project management tool to start out with.

You can incorporate unlimited users and projects, set permissions, and leverage customization, just to name a few features. Freedcamp also offers unlimited storage. This tool is a great example of simple and free software to manage jobs–a combination that can be difficult to find.

JobNimbusAlternatively, if you expect to grow more quickly, you might like the extras you get from a simple, low cost all-in-one solution: Try JobNimbus: Simple CRM and Project Management Software.

2. Bitrix24

If you’re confident that your team will never grow beyond 12 users, check out Bitrix 24. Once you go beyond that user base, you’ll no longer qualify for the free account.

Unlike Freedcamp, storage is limited but Bitrix24 does offer collaboration features: chat, video conferencing, and instant messaging. The feature lineup is consistently rated strongly.

Or, consider our all-in-one solution featuring team-oriented communication features that connect right to specific tasks to be done: @Mentions: Team Communication Just Got Better.

3. Asana

Asana is similar to Bitrix24 in that it limits your users at the free level (but it’s a bit higher, at 15 users). That hasn’t stopped more than a million users from deciding on this workflow tool. It probably helps that Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook designed this environment. Features are limited, but if you’re someone who really does just want something free, take a look at Asana.

Our alternative can help focus your business beyond task management, with customer relationship management features like this: Notify A Team Member About A New Note.

4. Orangescrum

Don’t need cloud-based project management features? The free version of Orangescrum offers a good non-cloud project management software option that integrates well with Dropbox and Google Drive. You can upgrade to the cloud version later if you would like. Upgrading also gives up to 10 team members unlimited tasks and projects. This is an open source tool that can be customized, but users will need some coding knowledge to accomplish this.

You could also avoid customization headaches by using JobNimbus. No coding required: You Have The Power: Customizable CRM Software.

5. GanttProject

Simplicity is subjective. If you’ve used project management software before, you may prefer something like GanttProject. GanttProject is more free than simple, but we can still recommend it as a solid option—if you’re already familiar with project management software. It goes beyond Gantt chart generation, allowing you to schedule, set milestones, develop workflows, and more.

But what if you’ve tried project management before or you’re still not a project management software believer? Here’s The Real Reason You Can’t Live in Spreadsheets Anymore.

JobNimbus Offers Long-Term Simplicity And Affordability

We’ve already mentioned a few points of comparison between the free tools on this list and the easy-to-use, affordable JobNimbus. As one last point of perspective, ask yourself, is free always the best and most simple way forward?

At the end of the day, you need a solution that delivers value as well as ease of use—after all, if it doesn’t, it hardly matters whether it’s free or not!

If you know you will outgrow these free options, you may decide to get a powerhouse solution like JobNimbus right away. Some project managers decide that onboarding to an affordable, full-featured tool like JobNimbus today (rather than relearning a new system later when you outgrow a free tool) saves them time and money in the long run.

JobNimbus: Simple CRM and Project Management Software

That might be your best way to keep things simple and affordable when choosing a project management tool.

JobNimbus syncs your efforts among your team and across all your devices. No more tiptoeing around limited features. Start with a 14-day free trial of everything JobNimbus has to offer, including free express training and support.

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