It ain’t 1776 anymore. The way we work has evolved and continues to evolve almost on a daily basis.

If you’re still stuck at a desk like John Adams, it’s time you declare your independence from your desk.

Mobility In Our Post-Revolution Age

The tools available to the average worker today are exceptional.

We’ve moved way beyond pitchforks and tillers, and far beyond the military-issued musket with bayonet combo.

Now, more than half of the world’s population owns a smartphone and workers are now trained and ready to use smart technology in their jobs.

Even more than trained, workers are starting to demand the power of smart devices for use at their jobs.

With a mobile workforce using smartphones and tablets, you can get more done than ever before. You get:

  • Full visibility over your pipeline
  • Key indicators to measure success
  • Efficiency boost for your entire workforce
  • Greater peace of mind

Plus a few more that you might not have thought of before…

Faster Than Paul Revere

If you know one thing about US history, it’s that Paul Revere made his integral ride to warn the colonials that the British were on their way.

Had our buddy Paul decided to leave his horse back at the homestead that day, things would have been a bit different.

With so much technology available to assist businesses, you have all the reason in the world to jump in the fast lane and optimize your process.

If you leave home without your workhorse, you’ll equally be setting yourself up for a less than ideal outcome and you might lose your battles enough to lose the war.

More Freedom Than The Liberty Bell

When you mobilize your work force, and by that I mean give them all full mobile access, you give them more freedom to do a better job.

Suddenly they aren’t harnessed to the office. If they need a document, they have access to it from their phone or tablet in seconds. If they need to get photos to the production manager, they can upload them to the office in seconds.

No more waiting, no more unnecessary trips back to the office, which means less time and gas money wasted.

Less wasted time means more time to sell more jobs, which is a win-win for everybody.

With an app like JobNimbus out in the field, you have full reign to be able to add photos, edit contacts and jobs, create documents, and get signatures worthy of Alexander Hamilton without ever skipping a beat.

Better Returns Than Fort Knox

Mobile CRM and project management software isn’t just the hip thing that everyone’s doing.

It’s now become the differentiator between a successful, thriving business and one that’s either treading water or going nowhere fast.

The speed and freedom alone are huge benefits to your bottom line when you put it on paper.

Heck, even the cut down on paper is going to be huge for you. Imagine doing all your documents digitally.

Not only does that allow you to save money on paper every year, but it also makes you faster in the field, faster in the office, and more organized no matter where you are.

You can forget about searching through that giant file cabinet for that one job your customer from a year ago is calling about. Just a couple keystrokes and you’ll find it in the app.

The savings on time and efficiency will take your business to the next level while reducing headaches and just plain making you happier.

Choose Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

It’s time to break the chains of oppression. Down with tyranny. Away with frivolous expenditures.

It’s time you took up arms against the unproductive way your business has been run until now. Take matters into your own hands and get mobile today.

You’ll be very glad you did.

Because choosing mobile really is the only ‘Merican thing to do.

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