The release of version 2.0 of our industry-leading mobile app was just the beginning. Thanks to a brand new architecture and some fancy development, we’ve been able to keep pushing the limit.

This release brings a whole new set of features that will help you get more done and keep your sales and production moving forward.

New Features


Now you can sign any PDF attachment in the app. Go to the Attachments, tap on the PDF, and choose “Add Signature”.


Create proposals, contracts, and more from templates you’ve created on the web app. *requires internet


That should make things easier if you’re using Jobs.



You can now upload more than one photo at a time from album. Great for when you need to annotate images before uploading.


Now when you request support from in-app, logs are sent with your email, this will help us resolve your issues much faster.


  • Camera Overhaul: Much better performance for loading, saving, and viewing photos
    • Both camera upload list and saves are faster and more stable
    • Now access the camera roll or camera right from the action bar
  • We’ve optimized the activity feed for faster performance
  • Oh, and the Task list loads up to 16x faster
  • And did we mention Related Items load much faster, too? That’s up to 5x faster
  • We’ve added optimizations to significantly reduce the size of the app, especially if you’re trigger happy with the camera
  • We’ll now show calendar items if you’re a Sales Rep, even if you aren’t an assignee
  • We refined the online estimate and document builder experiences
  • New tutorial screens have been added to help walk you through some of the new stuff in 2.0
  • We added workflow icons on the Contact and Job lists. You can set icons for each of your workflows in the Contact Workflows and Job Workflows tabs of your settings on the web app.
  • Jobs now pull contact details from the Primary Contact, which means you can now call, text or email your customer directly from the job
  • You can now send texts and make calls by tapping on their phone number when looking at contact details
  • The Android hardware back button now closes the app when on boards, calendar, or the task list


  • We made “Open In” more stable to help you get attachments into JobNimbus from other apps
  • Fixed a bug where the photo upload attachment type was missing, which caused the upload to fail
  • Search require at least two characters, to match web app search
  • We’ve prevented auto-capitalize in the search field
  • Handling for inactive users in Sales Rep and Assignee lists
  • Fixed an issue with the call log when saving and exiting the note screen
  • Fixed a bug where the filter icon on Link To wouldn’t turn on. Now it does.
  • Fixed a case of mistaken identity between the activity feed and activity details screens
  • Fixed a UI issue on the Task list where items were twice their normal height. Naughty, naughty.
  • Custom fields weren’t visible after creating a Contact or Job if they were blank. Now they are visible, but still blank.
  • We’re now preventing multiple saves on uploading attachments from Open In
  • We fixed an issue with Contact and Job sorting not sticking around between app launches. Now, like a good dog to his passed-out owner, it now sticks around.
  • Fixed several search/selection issues in the Link To lists
  • Link To Contact/Job filtering now works, which is an improvement over not working
  • We fixed an issue with initial replication failing on the first attempt. Just trust us on this one, this is a good thing.
  • We fixed another issue with failure to login with a different account on the same device
  • We fixed an issue where, if a task was missing an End Date it wasn’t being handled gracefully. We sent it to ballet and now its grace level has increased substantially.
  • We made sure the search tool tip doesn’t disappear prematurely on Link To
  • We patched the Android phone calendar scroll issue

Get the update now

The update is available to download now. Head to your app store and get the update right now to start using it.

To get future updates as soon as they’re available, be sure to set your mobile device for Automatic Updates.

JobNimbus 2.0 - App Store
JobNimbus 2.0 - Google Play Store

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