Christmas Presents | Solar CRM Software

There’s no hiding it: there is a lot of money in solar right now.

Between new innovative technologies, growing buy-in from potential customers, and government subsidies, there is a lot driving this industry upward.

We were at Solar Power International’s conference in Las Vegas this year and it’s apparent that the industry is experiencing a boom. So many new companies were popping up, just started this year, and were getting into the brand new industry.

With all of this potential, it’s important that you get the most out of the potential that’s out there. The only way to realize all of that potential is to:

  • take advantage of every moment
  • maximize every interaction
  • reduce wasted time and spending
  • and keep everything organized

Presents For Tracking & Closing Solar Sales

With all of the new growth in solar, software isn’t trailing far behind. A new herd of companies have come into the arena in an effort to provide every possible tool under the sun to increase your lead flow, develop stronger relationships, and sell more.

There are canvassing apps like Sales Rabbit and Spotio, solar design apps, marketing apps, and more. There’s also solar CRM software like JobNimbus, which acts as a hub for your entire solar business, keeping you organized, efficient, and effective.

You can take & store pictures, make contracts and fill out forms, you can automate your process, assign & complete tasks, and do all of it on a tablet out on the job site.

And that’s actually the ticket right there: CRM as the hub of your solar software suite.

It’s like the best tool belt you’ve ever owned, especially being completely mobile like what’s available today.

Knocking doors? You can mark your leads on a map and send them straight into your CRM.

Need to get a signature? Just launch your solar CRM, complete your forms, and get your contracts signed on site. Or, you could email your documents and get them signed remotely. Yes, all of them.

Need to see where your sales are at, or how your sales reps are doing in terms of kWh sales this month? Just open the app to see statuses, notes/history, and leaderboards.

With so many tools, how couldn’t you get excited?

Wrapping Up The Savings

All these tools sound good, but what does it really mean for your solar business?

It means you’re process will work for you, not against you. It means a more convenient system will be in place. It means you’ll always have all of your job and contact information no matter where you are.

When things are all said and done, it means you’ll save time and you’ll close more deals.

And who wouldn’t want that?

Conclusion: The Bow On Top

Solar is the new kid on the block (relatively speaking). It’s almost like the new gold rush. And while you might think you can get a piece of the pie because of its sheer abundance, you have to put yourself in the position of a truly successful business person.

That means an efficient, cost-effective, profit-producing, turn-key system to run your business. That means getting the right tools to drive this process all the way to the bank.

Now, more than ever before, is the time to get started with the right system and the right tools.

If you want your share of the gold nuggets, you’ve gotta unwrap the gift that is solar CRM software.

Get The Gift Of Solar CRM Software

This holiday season, there’s one gift you are allowed to give yourself. Start a free trial of JobNimbus and feel the Holiday cheer all year long.

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