Just like rebuilding or repairing a roof, when it comes to running your roofing business you need tools to make it happen.

Here’s a list of the 4 best mobile roofing software tools you can use starting now and through 2017 in order to increase efficiency, cut waste, and get more done this new year.

What To Use For Your Roofing Company Next Year

Sales Rabbit (runner up: Spotio)

If you do any canvassing, you need Sales Rabbit. Your mobile sales teams can canvass neighborhoods, take down contact information, make follow-up appointments, and mark houses with different colored pins to signify different statuses of interest or progress.

All of this can funnel into your sales process in order to stay ultra organized while sucking an entire neighborhood dry, maximizing your profit potential, reducing headaches, and (by sheer volume) earning more sales.

Not only this, but all of your new customers can be sent directly into JobNimbus in order to move those leads through your sales pipeline.


ScopeAssist, is the perfect scoping tool for roofing contractors, salesmen, project managers, and office staff. It integrates aerial CAD and inspection data to easily create repair estimates in less time. It also integrates with Xactware, which is a huge plus for roof repairs.

Just as its name suggests, Accurence’s tool assists your team members in scoping their jobs through inspection, photo management, and more. This is definitely a time and money saver for anyone looking to mobilize their roofing software tools.


When it comes to forms, these guys have a pretty good solution. Not only can you digitize your existing paper forms, but you can also use the digital forms you have or work with naturalForms’ team to help create new forms to use with their mobile app.

You can create your contracts, build scope sheets, make estimates, develop change orders, or build any type of form you need for your guys out in the field. With custom fields that can be placed throughout the document, your team will be able to fill them out using their iPads or Android tablets on the job site and get signatures from customers on the spot.

And, if you’re using JobNimbus, you can have these forms pre-populate with your customer and job information to eliminate double-entry and speed up the sales or production processes.


Alright, alright, so we might be tooting our own horns here, but it’s a great horn to toot!

When it comes down to it, JobNimbus is perhaps the best solution for mobile roofing software out there, and that’s a combination of several powerful aspects:

  • Simplicity with Versatility. Our main goal of every day is to make the app as simple as possible for roofing contractors to get all of their work done in one place, and in a way that’s second nature to them. With that goal, JobNimbus has matured into a full fledged mobile roofing powerhouse that matches customization with ease of use.
  • Integrations. Along with being integrated with all of the other apps on this list, JobNimbus is also integrated with QuickBooks (both Desktop & Online), EagleView, and will soon be integrating with new partners on a very significant scale. In this way, JobNimbus becomes your digital hub for your entire roofing business.
  • Mobility even while offline. But when it comes to mobile roofing software, what really matters is the “mobile” part of that, and this is where JobNimbus takes a completely new life. Imagine taking your roofing business wherever you go, or your crews having full access to all of their sales and production info no matter if they’re on the road, at home, or on the job site. Calendars, tasks, job info, attachments, contracts, estimates, photos, notes, emails, and more are all in one place ready whenever you are.

Pulling everything into one easily accessible, backed up, and powerful software, JobNimbus becomes the center hub of your mobile roofing business.


You wouldn’t dare start a roof without at least a hammer by your side. Why would you try to run a roofing business without the right tools to get the job done?

Think of all the time you could spend on other things if you didn’t have to micro-manage. Imagine all the deals you could close if you could stay on top of everything and provide better quotes to your customers. Dream about how much more money you could be pulling in if you weren’t wasting so much of it on processes that aren’t working.

This new year, make it a goal to look into all of these tools above and start trials with each to get the ball rolling.

You’ll have new challenges, new competition, new conditions… you’re gonna need the best tools around in order to make the most of every minute.

Companies who use JobNimbus increase their annual revenue by 43%.

Your company could be next.

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