Financials 2016 Update

Today, we’ve got 3 big new features to announce that are sure to make your life easier and your estimates and invoices more presentable to your customers.

Without further adieu:

New Features

NEW Line Item Photos

A picture says a thousand words, which means showing is always better than telling. That’s why we’re giving you the ability to add photos to your line items on your estimates, invoices, work orders, and material orders.

With a photo (or more) for each line item, hopefully that will mean there will be a lot less explaining to do you and you can make sure you’re being 100% clear.

Try it out now by clicking on the attachment (paper clip) icon next to each line item when editing any line item-based template in JobNimbus and start giving your customers, prospects, partners, subcontractors and more the bigger picture.

NEW Line Item Sections

If you do sectional work, breaking our your estimates is pretty important. Now you can add Sections to your estimates which allow you to group your line items together for easier scanning and readability. Keep all your bathroom items separate from the kitchen estimate, or break your estimate into different pieces of the work you plan to do.

You can also save sections on your Saved Templates so they’re ready to go for every estimate that you create.

The really killer part of this feature is you can also set the view preference for each section, choosing whether to:

  • Show Line Items
  • Hide Line Item Amounts
  • Hide Line Items

To get started, just click “Add Section” when creating an estimate, invoice, work order, or material order. Then set your preference for the section and you’re off to the races.

NEW Margins

Tired of calculating your margins for each product or service that you provide? Just want to have JobNimbus do it for you? Well you’re in luck, because now you can use Margin Tracking to ensure that you’re getting the right margins on each of your products.

To enable, head to the Products & Services tab of your settings and check the box at the top to “Enable Margin Tracking”. Then just adjust your products going forward so they have the correct margin set based on the Cost and your Price will be calculated automatically.

Fixes & Improvements

  • We are now hiding the Financials tab for users who haven’t been granted access to any financials tools.
  • Ever been overpaid for your services? Now your invoices will reflect overpayment. Now, if only you could keep that extra…
  • We added a “Cancel” button when creating estimates/invoices/WOs/MOs. You know, in case you want to cancel.
  • Some users were seeing estimates that weren’t within their permissions to see. Naughty, naughty.

Our latest financials update is live and ready for you to start using right now. Just log in and start making better estimates today!

Make Better Estimates Today

Log in and start making better estimates for your customers, better work orders for your crews and subs, and better invoices for everyone.

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