Yes, that did just happen.

And yes, it does happen everyday. At least for these Japanese roofers who are dead-set on being more efficient, even to the point of stuffing as many nails as they can in their mouths for quicker access when hand nailing.

And while this might help you improve your speed when installing the roof at the job site, I think most of us would rather improve our efficiency without the excess iron in our diet.

Of course, a nail gun gets us closer to our goal, but it’s not enough. It only helps us with one part of the job (the installation/repair).

We need something that helps us on the job from start to finish.

A Tool You Can Use Through The Whole Job

Roofing jobs are much more than just nailing down your material, though that is a significant portion.

Roofing is also about knowing your schedule and where your appointments are. It’s about going out to the potential job site, taking pictures, listening to the customer, and providing an proposal of the work to be done including an estimate. It’s about scheduling the work, getting crews out there with work orders, and keeping track of communication with the customer as well as the job status.

At that point it largely goes back to the office for invoicing, but then your guy out the in field might need to be called in again to collect on the invoice or reach out to offer future services, etc.

All these moving parts need to be done conveniently, quickly, and easily no matter where you are. So while you’re getting your work done, the idea is that roofing software facilitates everything you’re doing.

Turn Your Smartphone or Tablet Into A Workaholic Machine

Mobile roofing software on a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop computer, are vital pieces to the modern roofing workflow.

Instead of just trudging through each day trying to hold everything together and know what’s going on, mobile technology can propel your visibility, communication, and productivity to the next level.

You can only get so fast with putting nails in your mouth. At some point you’ll hit a wall and the only way over that wall will be to adopt a new technology. That can be a trampoline, grappling hook, elevator, escalator, catapult, etc. There are so many new ways to get over that wall, you probably haven’t even thought of half of them. In fact, I’m sure no one has.

But there are already so many solutions available today including estimating tools, scoping, aerial roof imaging, chat, email, shared schedules, boards, custom pipelines, photo and video capturing and annotation, and so much more.

“It’s Too Expensive”, “My Guys Can’t Learn It”, “I Just Can’t…”

Excuses, excuses. We have thousands of users actively using JobNimbus daily to drive their sales and production in a way they never thought possible.

JobNimbus users come from all different backgrounds, trades, industries, and education levels. We work hard every day to adapt the technology to a more user-friendly environment that brings all of the power without the usual aches and pains of using CRM & project management software.

I’m just going to say this once: Don’t waste any more of your time, your employees’ time, your subcontractors’ time, or your customers’ time by denying yourself of the benefits of roofing software.

The tools available these days are invaluable resources to roofing contractors everywhere. No matter what your role is, whether you’re a project manager, a sales rep, an office person, or otherwise, you can benefit immensely from these tools.

Boost Your Efficiency

Quit stuffing nails in your mouth and start boosting your efficiency indefinitely.

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