The Exorcist showcases a girl possessed by a demon, and a priest whose job it is to cast the demon out of the poor girl’s body.

If not the most famous horror film, certainly one of the most iconic. But even then, it can’t escape Hollywood’s grasp of prequels, sequels, and remakes. Yes, this may be news for you, but we’re getting more Exorcist.

But no matter how many spinoffs, re-imaginings, and alternate takes they do, we’ll still have the classic tale as a warning to those who might wish to flirt with the darkness.

One thing the movie makes absolutely clear is: it is not fun to be possessed by a demon.

Exorcism Itself

The cure for possession is known as exorcism.

It usually implies a Catholic priest coming to the home, it involves holy water and a cross, and the power of the priest to cast the devil out.

It’s a practice that isn’t known to be used all that often these days, but I’m wondering if we could bring this antiquated practice back into the limelight.

The Demons Of Your Business

Yes, you read that right. No, I don’t mean your business has demons, but I do mean that it might have “demons”.

In the business world, “demons” could mean a whole bunch of things:

  • Poor team unity or relationships
  • Lackluster management
  • Unjust management
  • Disorganized practices
  • Confusing processes
  • Extra busy work
  • Outdated technology
  • and more

When it comes down to it, you’re probably surrounded by a ton of business demons that refuse to leave you in peace.

You spend countless hours every day slouched over all your work, wasting time, missing opportunities, burning bridges, losing customers, and for what? So you can just do the same thing all over again tomorrow?

Nay, man. Nay.

The Exorcism Of Your Business

It’s time to exorcise. And, no, I don’t mean exercise. I don’t even mean getting a subscription to your local gym that you never actually make good on.

I mean it’s time to exorcise all of these demons out of your business so you can move on and start getting more work done without all of the nasty side effects.

That means tightening up your ship.

You can’t have a tight ship with rogue employees, you can’t have it with a pure paper or Excel solution, and you certainly can’t have it by standing still and hoping things will get better tomorrow.

Heck, it isn’t even about just getting software for your team, because even though the software has the potential to help you out, if you never actually customize it, train on it, launch it, run with it, and use it day to day then it’s just another demon haunting you.


It’s time to spin that head of yours around and get moving on a new direction. Call us up and we’ll make sure to get all of those demons out of your business life so it can move on towards bigger and better things.

Don’t just lie in bed with your nighty while you keep vomiting the same excuses over and over again.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and now is the time for you to get your process in order through online and mobile tools built to optimize and maximize your process.

Don’t let the demons fester. Get the help you need now.

Or at least before the next full moon.

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