Team Activity Report

This month, we’re bringing you some features that will help you get more out of JobNimbus than ever before.

We’re giving activity some updates, while also giving financials a lot of love based on feedback from JobNimbus users everywhere.


Team Activity Report
We’ve launched a brand new tool to help you help your team members get the most out of JobNimbus. The Team Activity Report shows you totals for every piece of activity your team members are performing (or not performing). You’ll see everything from web and mobile log in’s to contacts created, statuses changed, jobs shared, documents signed, and oh so much more.

This is a big new way for you to see how your team is doing with adopting JobNimbus and lets you know who in your team needs help with training so you can get them the help they need. To check out your Team Activity Report, just go to “Reports”, where you’ll find the “Team Activity Report” in the “Built In Reports” section.

Manage Saved Estimates/Invoices/WOs/MOs
Saving your estimates, invoices, work orders, and material orders is a huge time saver (not to mention a hairline savior, too). You can save sets of line items and comments for the jobs you do on a regular basis and then pull from those to auto-fill your estimates for new jobs.

But, while you’ve had this feature for a good while now, you haven’t had a great way to edit these saved items or to delete them if you no longer needed them. In this update, we’re introducing two new options: Edit & Delete. You can find these by creating an estimate, invoice, work order, or material order and using the dropdown “Saved…”, where you’ll find a pencil (edit) and a trash can (delete).

Using these two options, you’ll be able to keep your saved templates up-to-date, allowing you to save more time and get more done while doing less work.


Activity Sources
Noticed those little icons in your activity feed? In addition to giving you the Team Activity Report, we’ve beefed up activity in general with a new icon-based indicator that allows you to quickly see where new activity originated. Invoices synced from QuickBooks will now have a “$” icon, while items that were done on mobile will have a mobile device icon, etc. Not sure what an icon means? Just hover your mouse over it and you’ll see the source.

Activity for Estimate/Invoice/WO/MO Updates
Now, whenever you make changes to a line item or more on estimates, invoices, work orders, and material orders, these changes will be shown in the Activity feed for those items. If you delete several line items from an estimate but add a few more in, you’ll see each one of those changes outlined in the Activity section so you have a better audit trail.

Reordering Items on Work Orders & Material Orders
Did you forget something on your Work Orders only to find out that once you’ve added it to the bottom that you can’t change the order? Well say goodbye to that because in this update we’ve added reordering to line items on both Work Orders and Material Orders.

More Options for Financial Column Configuration
We’ve beefed up the configuration options for your templates. Now, if you want your team to see price, amount, and quantity info on your financial documents but you don’t want your customers to see them, you can set that now in Settings > Templates at the top of each template.


  • Some emails received from other email clients were showing some HTML. TMI.
  • Fixed an issue where rescheduling tasks on the calendar by drag & drop weren’t sending those updates to Google Calendar. Consider those changes sent.
  • Resolved an issue where Accurence orders were showing as being submitted on December 31, 2016. Not that that was a bad day, it just isn’t the *right* day.
  • The term “Compression” has been exchanged for “Resolution”, as it is the correct term for the setting for photo uploads in the General tab of your settings.
  • EagleView Contractor Reports were coming in as “Unknown”. Now we know, so we fixed it.

Give these new updates a try.

As always, these updates are available to you now and at no extra charge. Log into your account and start getting more out of JobNimbus today.

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