Oh, the Places You'll Go With Roofing Software!

Let’s be real for just a few seconds: There are still too many people calling JobNimbus saying the only thing they’re using right now to track leads is Excel, instead of roofing software.

That’s not good.

That’s bad.

At least 20% of everyone that calls or emails us say they are only using Excel or paper and pencil. Most others have only moderately entered the digital waters, and very few have had years of experience trying out different roofing software (or even just trying out one tool).

A little part inside of us dies every time we hear this. Soon, there’ll be nothing left.

So please, help us. Be the change that needs to occur in the roofing industry.

How to make the transition from paper to power

There are several principle steps you need to take in order to make the transition from paper to the power of roofing software:

  1. First you need to examine what you’re doing already, see what’s working, what isn’t working, and look at your process as a whole. Knowing all of your problems specifically will make it easier to find the right solutions.
  2. Search for roofing software that meet your needs. Don’t just look at features, though. Also look at how updated the system is. When was the last update it had? Are the developers responsive? Are responses automated or do you get a personal reply from someone who can help you find the answer? Is their content on their website up-to-date? How does the software look? Is it easy to use or is it just a digital web-version of what you’re already doing? Is there a mobile app? Can the mobile app do more than just look at stuff?
  3. Try, try, try. Just like you hope customers request you among others for a quote, we hope you shop around and make the right decision that meets your needs. Sign up for free trials where possible and dedicate some time to take the system for a spin. Request help from support, use training and setup resources to make sure you’re understanding properly.
  4. Really, dedicate some time. You’re busy, we know that very well. But you really need to invest the time into trying out the roofing apps that you find so you can really get a good idea of what they are capable of helping you do better. If you invest properly, your return on investment will be immense.
  5. Decide. Of course, once you’ve found the right one, don’t lollygag: pull the trigger and get started.
  6. Set up and train. No matter which software you choose, if you don’t set it up right and customize it for your business, you’ll just be lost in a dead end tool. But even if you do get it set up, it’s nothing to you if your team doesn’t know how or why to use it. We provide a vast library of resources for you, as well as full email and phone support to help make sure you and your team are set up for success. I’m sure other roofing software makers do something similar (if not, don’t go with them), so take full advantage of every opportunity to make sure you’re ready to get the most out of it.
  7. Use it. It’s not magic, it’s a proven formula that works. But just like every math equation, you need more than just “software” to equal success. It’s what you can do with the software that gets you the results. Use it day in and day out, in the office and out in the field, and you’ll be so much further ahead you won’t even believe it was possible.

Seriously, I’m not exaggerating. You have no idea how many JobNimbus users we’ve talked to who spend 30 minutes or an hour on the phone with our reps just gushing over what they’ve been able to do that they never could do before.

All that can be yours, but you need to follow the steps above and you need to bring your entire team with you.

Don’t dilly dally: Bring your whole team

Making the transition to roofing software can’t be done with the hokey pokey. There is no left foot in, right foot out straddling if you want to be successful.

Well, okay, I’ll take that back. You can be successful, but you can’t reach your full potential if you’re not diving head first into a roofing software solution. By head first, I mean all hands on deck.

We see time and time again companies just trying to run their 20-man business with only the office person and company owner accessing the software.

Sure, it can be done, but you’re missing out on all of the features that will help your company realize its full potential. Features like:

  • Mobility so your team has on-demand access to all their job information
  • Tools out in the field like photo capture, scoping, forms, contracts, signatures, email, presentations, and more
  • Real-time collaboration so users can keep your jobs moving forward
  • Inter-team communication so everyone stays in the loop
  • Assignments so you know who’s in charge of your jobs at any given time
  • And user-attributed audit trails so you know who did what in order to keep the flow moving or diagnose problems in your chain

These kinds of benefits, among many more, are what makes having roofing software in the field and in the office a must-have.

This isn’t something you should keep from your team. You should empower your team with tools that will help them do their work faster and more accurately and efficiently than ever.

And when your team can perform better than ever, your company will perform better than ever.

As you and your team input more data into the software, the reports and dashboard will be ever richer with new insights for you to act on:

Where are our best leads coming from? Which reps are selling the most? Where are our biggest bottlenecks?

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.


This might be the most important decision in your roofing career, and that’s not hyperbole.

Seriously, the tools you choose could make or break your business. When you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re leaving your fate up to chance. When you take hold of your tools by the reigns, you step into the driver seat and have more control than ever.

Just look at the data and you’ll see that your business can’t go another day without the plentiful benefits of roofing software.

It’s time to take flight with roofing software.

Don’t waste another day making paper proposals and searching one by one through your customers on a spreadsheet. Get with the times, jump on the future wagon, and get stuff done.

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