Solar Panels on Roof

To compete in the solar installation industry, you can’t be left behind with antiquated techniques or tools.

In terms of age, solar is a rather new industry. Residential solar installations have only been around for the last couple of decades, and only recently have started picking up speed.

That’s because the technology itself is maturing, and it’s becoming more prevalent. Government subsidies are helping boost adoption and making the transition more affordable for the masses.

The field is white, the harvest is ready.

But in order to get the most fruit from your labors, you’ll need to stay on top of everything, keep it all together, cut costs at all cost, and keep your team moving.

If you’ve decided to jump into this fruitful field, there are some key ingredients that you’ll need to add to your tool repertoire in order to “make it” in the big leagues without falling off your horse.

Look for Solar CRM Software With These Features

1. Digital Boards

You might already have a whiteboard in your office, grouped by where things are at in your process, the jobs that are on the docket for the day, etc.

And while that board is all well and good, it’s nothing like a digital, customizable, interactive board that can show you whatever you want, whenever you want, and where ever you want. That’s right. Boards that work on your tablet or phone, too.

Means you never have to be away from your workflow, knowing what’s going on, and moving it further through the pipeline.

With JobNimbus, your boards are fully integrated into your pipeline, so there’s no double entry and no additional steps after setup before you can rock them all over the place. Your solar sales pipeline just works.

2. Shared Calendars

With so many moving parts, you need to be able to know where everyone is, where they’ll be next, and where they were last. You also need to be able to let them know exactly where they need to go so they aren’t wasting any time between appointments.

Sharing calendars with everyone in your office becomes a necessity in the day-to-day, and as a growth tool. You can’t manage scaling your business without having a scalable scheduling solution at the ready, with notifications, access to the calendars on the go, and scheduling for all different kinds of items like tasks, appointments, work orders, and jobs themselves.

3. Mobile App

Solar panels don’t go out and sell or install themselves.

If you or your team isn’t out knocking doors, you’re standing still. And standing still means your falling behind in this day and age.

Having a mobile app that can aggregate all of your contacts, your jobs, your estimates and invoices, your work orders, the photos from the job, and notes is crucial to making sure you have everything pertaining to your business available to you even when you’re not at your business.

The best solar CRM software is also mobile software.

Bonus: Canvassing

When it comes to solar sales, there’s no better tool for recording all the houses you’ve knocked on than a canvassing tool.

Luckily for you, our friends over at Sales Rabbit have done some great work to integrate directly with us. Now, whenever you’re out canvassing a neighborhood using Sales Rabbit’s spectacular app, you’ll be able to send all those leads right into JobNimbus. From there, you can work them all the way through the sales process and even into the installation without skipping a beat.


Sure, a solar company could be run without these tools, but I don’t think anyone that’s serious about solar would recommend it to anyone but their nastiest competitors.

With a full-featured, multi-platform CRM, your solar sales and installation can be taken into high gear.

Get Your Solar Business In Gear

Plug up the holes in your process and make more money by using JobNimbus all-in-one solar CRM software

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