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We recently took our laser-like focus away from mobile 2.0 to bring you some highly anticipated features for the web app.

This time we’re releasing tools to help prevent you from adding duplicate contacts, keep you from missing an important email, and more.


Duplicate Contact Detector: Never add a duplicate contact again
We’ve added a checker that looks at the First and Last name fields when you’re adding a new contact on web and, if it recognizes the name, it will provide suggestions for possible contacts already in JobNimbus that you might be trying to add.

Keep your account cleaner than ever by preventing new duplicate contacts from being created. There’s nothing you need to turn on, it’ll just start working every time it finds a match.

Email Delivery Status & Notifications
If you send an email from JobNimbus, but accidentally misspelled an email address, or if the recipient for some reason didn’t receive it, we’ll send you an email letting you know about it.

We’ll also be showing the deliver status right inside of the email in JobNimbus. The statuses include Sent, Delivered, Opened, Bounced, and more, giving you a whole new insight into each communication you have from JobNimbus.

Image Size Reduction Controls
In order to offer you the ability to store more photos, JobNimbus applies lossless compression to cut out some of the fluff each photo file contains. However, we also do size reduction to further reduce the amount of space a single photo takes up so you can fill your account with more photos and seamlessly transfer and view on web and mobile.

However, we’ve now added a new toggle in the General tab of your Settings to decrease the size reduction or turn it off completely. This will reduce the number of total photos you can have on your account and photos will take a bit longer to get to and from the mobile app (also taking up more space on your mobile device), but if that’s okay and you need to have higher resolution images then this setting is for you.


  • The Dashboard is getting a neat little update to become even more useful: Now when you click “Dashboard”, the page’s report data will be refreshed so you’re always seeing the most up-to-date content every time you go back.
  • We’ve removed the hover activation for the toolbar on the report builder, which happened to cause some usability issues. Now when you click the menu stays open even if your mouse leaves the menu area.
  • We’re now showing the Related Job and Contact on Work Order grids when Jobs are enabled and just the Related Contact on when Jobs are turned off.


  • A group of mathematicians from Harvard and MIT have found a flaw in our rounding precision, so we’ve fixed it.
  • Sometimes the sync with QuickBooks could have its own ideas about who should be sales rep or not. We’ve put it in its place.
  • Other small bugs and performance improvements

We’ll be doing a lot more of this in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates and news about what’s next for JobNimbus on web and on mobile.

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