If you thought we were done with updating JobNimbus for the rest of June, you were sorely mistaken. Not only have we continued to improve JobNimbus on the daily, we’ve also been hard at work on two fan-favorite features that will have everyone shouting for joy.

Split Payments Now Available

Split Payments Now Available in JobNimbusPreviously, payments in JobNimbus could only be added to an invoice and were restricted to that single invoice afterwards.

Now payments are in the spotlight and they’re ready to give you all new ways to manage the most important aspect of your business: the cash inflow.

Payments can now be added to a contact or job without creating an invoice first. That means you can now accept and record a down payment in JobNimbus without needing to create an invoice for work that has yet to be done! Woohoo!

Because of that, you can also now assign a payment to more than one invoice, which means one check you receive from a customer for two different invoice items can be applied across those two invoices simultaneously.

Oh, and the best part of all of this? It all syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks to ensure that your finances are 1:1 without any extra work or leaving some data out of one system or the other.

To add new payments, just open up a contact or job and use the action menu (gear icon) to choose “Add Payment”.

Share Contacts with your Clients, Subcontractors, Adjusters, and More

Contact Sharing Now Available in JobNimbusLet’s all sit down, close our eyes, and remember what JobNimbus used to be like: Before, everyone was forced to use “Jobs” to manage their work. Work Orders didn’t exist, and Jobs needed to be created to share info to others that weren’t on your team.

Say hello to 2016, where Contacts can now be shared directly using the new “Share” option from the fear icon of any contact. When you use that option on the contact, you’ll now have the option to choose who you want to share it with, along with which attachments you want to include.

You can share contacts with your clients, subcontractors, adjusters, and anyone else who wants to see key job information, notes from your activity, and attachments.

Mobile 2.0 Beta Is Underway

JobNimbus Mobile 2.0 Beta Now Available

The successor to JobNimbus’ industry-leading mobile app is almost ready from prime-time. With offline mode in tact, a brand new photo uploader, the first version of boards on mobile, a brand new interface, and whole new backend, the JobNimbus mobile experience is about to be taken to the next level.

All we need now is to get it into your hands to test it and make sure it stands the test of the day-to-day. The beta is now open and we’re sending out invitations to lucky participants.

If you would like to request an invite to the beta, head on over to sign up for our Beta Program.

Other improvements in this update:

  • Start/Due Date is now on Contact cards on the board (previously only on Jobs)!
  • Board counts for work orders was showing one extra. We taught boards how to count again.
  • Boards were also showing archived work orders, so we’ve given it a proper invisibility cloak to hide those.
  • Miscellaneous bug squashings

We’ve got more coming, so stay tuned to our blog and newsletter to make sure you’re getting the latest news and getting the most out of JobNimbus.

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