Multi-Location QuickBooks Support in JobNimbus

While it’s been a couple months since our last update announcement, we haven’t stopped updating the app. In fact, our updates have gotten faster, more frequent, and more stable than ever.

Since March, we’ve been moving with shorter development sprints, getting new updates to you sooner and managing these improvements and fixes on a piece-by-piece basis to make sure the app is more stable than before.

It is with such ado that we announce some of the things we’ve been working on and putting into your hands (sometimes without you even knowing about it!):

New Features

Multi-Location Support for QuickBooks

Indeed, we now have support for your multiple offices and locations while still letting you use the same JobNimbus account. To set this up, just


  • Date Filter for syncing items with QuickBooks to improve performance and reduce excess data
  • QuickBooks Sales Rep auto-map when names match between QuickBooks and JobNimbus, saving you from having to map it yourself.
  • Ability to sync Draft estimates & invoices with QuickBooks
  • Improvements to the QuickBooks Desktop sync process and flow
  • QuickBooks sync now automatically sends child records along with their parents, instead of syncing them separately
  • Sales Pipeline Report now remembers your custom field selection, only shows jobs once when “current statuses” is unchecked.
  • Estimate template header margin has been increased for pages after the first page to improve printability
  • Estimate & Invoice font size has been increased to improve readability


  • Filter for Primary Contact on Job reports is now working.
  • Editing tax on saved products now saves instead of, well, not saving.
  • Subcontractor column in reports now exports along with your other data to Excel & CSV
  • Task Count on Jobs grid Tasks column now showing the correct number of tasks
  • Single-day events now only showing on one day in the Agenda view, because you have enough stuff to worry about already
  • Location now always exports, instead of just when it felt like it.
  • Date Created filter on invoice reports has now been punished and put in it’s place. It has said it will work properly from now on.
  • Task conflict messages will now only show up when there really is a conflict. For now, they’ve smoked the peace pipe and made a truce.

Coming Up Next

We’re already hard at work on some amazing new features and improvements that you’re gonna love. Some things we can talk about, most things we can’t 😉

Oh… and did we mention mobile 2.0 is just around the corner?!

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